Month: November 2017

Some disadvantages of the construction site in the chain is keenly aware of

site list page also is the site of the two pages, like home page is the right-hand man to play an important role in website optimization, friends have been asking my web site list page is independent or belong to your home page.

contact network from 05 years to now six or seven years, from the beginning of the just chatting online music and movies to come into contact with the construction site, learning ASP,.Net then exposed to PHPCMS, the construction of a website seems to be very simple, can understand HTML basically can make a website. The website is done do publicity nobody, nobody knows everything is equal to zero, and so began the road network optimization in Shanghai Longfeng mine, began to A5 some Adsense online to learn slowly to understand the Shanghai dragon and deeply attracted me, is always feeling will inevitably encounter some drawbacks today, come to talk about a few construction chain within the site from my keenly aware of problems. read more

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Shi Yuning to share my understanding of Shanghai Dragon

then, if we are not willing to work for others, then we can do a personal webmaster, such as shop owner, Shanghai dragon can provide long-term, stable and high quality traffic to your site, for you.

study of Shanghai Longfeng is built on the basis of the website, so before learning Shanghai dragon set up an own website is a must. A lot of people mentioned website, Mongolia, feel that it is a very great thing. In fact, we will learn the establishment of Shanghai dragon is a long time. But before we just learn to build a web site with the open source program can start your study in Shanghai Longfeng road. read more

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