Love Shanghai 3 touch the single variable method for the evaluation of Shanghai Sony Ericsson touch

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Test Description: then the old hook is mainly on the test key mark, still 32, 16 group. One group is a conventional format, another group has obvious highlight (bold, color difference).

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before you love just speculation Shanghai preference structured article. The old hook test also confirmed this point. On the one hand, structured to visitors reading; on the other hand, the paragraph is clear but also easy to love Shanghai word, so section length clear, clear the punctuation is better than the eyebrows beard grabbed the article. read more

n the case of Shanghai Longfeng site layout optimization

today’s case is Zhaoqing tourism website, the following I will do my best to teach you how to optimize the station of Shanghai dragon system. You will find the original system guidance, optimization is so simple.

high commercial value was defined, the next is how to layout a large number of long tail keywords, my approach is not even the long tail keywords index are included in the station optimization, did not miss a. To a large number of long tail key words, or to think from the Zhaoqing tourism tourism itself, people tend to associate to Qixingyan, Dinghu mountain, is the famous tourist attractions, so from the perspective of classification of customer experience should be classified tourist attractions in Zhaoqing, the top navigation is suitable to put some noun introduction class keyword, I chose Zhaoqing tourism price, Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing tourism agency, Zhaoqing tourism, Zhaoqing tourism route. The rest of the key words how to deal with? Add a classification: Zhaoqing tourism hot search, all the words are arranged in an article do optimization, such as lack of theme, is to maximize the use of all keywords. read more

On the 404 page will transfer into harm his chain using 301 redirect

and the meaning of the original author is how to grasp the weight on the one hand, to this weight of the chain directly back, and not let go, here, I also have my own point of view, this is the chain itself "贵族宝贝xxxxx贵族宝贝/rich-snippets.htmlGFQ", the chain link is over 404 pages, if you put these pages 301 off, this situation and website appeared in a large number of 404 pages, and then directly to the 404 page 301 to a page is the same; if your site has 404 pages, so in order to prevent these weight loss, it will all these pages to the home page 301? This is not consistent with the search the engine, if you want to know about it, just love Shanghai "404 page 301 to page you can understand more harm". read more

Shanghai dragon is one of the most potential occupation of College Students

this is the new face of occupation, not all people can learn or into this industry? The author cited financial experts Lang Xianping view: China education because not with the market, so the trained personnel, often do not meet the needs of the market, so that college students looking for work is more difficult than many migrant workers lead to college! Cheaper. Now a student to graduate to find a job to worry about what? Is there? A lot of graduation, has been unable to find work, is working hard to find, is not suitable for the enterprise? Is there? Now college students often entangled you don’t know what to do, the choice of occupation, there is no blind? This is the status quo of college students China so, there are a lot of young people confused wandering in the streets. read more

Share my experience of Shanghai dragon to help you improve your keywords ranking and weight two

after the title change ranking.

see here you will ask, how to restore it is right down. My main work is to increase efforts to update the content of the website launched 5 posts per day. Are the latest news content. At the same time to replace the independent host. A simple sentence is what you have to do better than the original. At the same time analysis, the reason to be right down, I think I was right down my title set too long. So, the site is down right, don’t rush to change the domain name, insist on doing it. As a webmaster heart to strong enough.. read more

Share Shanghai dragon operation strategy success

5. Shanghai dragon -H series label using


use >

CPS belongs to the enduring Wangzhuan type, people do software, people do host, people do electrical appliances and so on, anyway, many people do it, because a lot of money, do a lot of people. Many people do not have competition, we went along for the ride. So, I will choose the relatively few people do the "WordPress theme" CPS, made more than 1 years, yields, and share with you today the site of the Shanghai dragon strategy, or is the method of operation. read more

Personal summary writeup web site outside the chain increased

said the preferred site of course is submitted to the soft A5, A5 submission function enriches its contents also provide a channel for the increase of the chain webmaster. Through the examination of the articles will be reproduced every day at least dozens of times, and each was collected once or reproduced in an almost will add a chain. Only need to spend some time writing, thousands of the chain can be handy.

almost every webmaster all know this method, its effect is the best, should pay attention to when the exchange Links here will not discuss. Need to remind is link exchange platform is not only the exchange links, submit your site links, but also can increase the chain site. read more

Shanghai dragon new cheating case analysis how do you see

process with the roughly bridge pages, home page, false and deceptive redirection.


power station group is infinite. Understand the station group after ado. I through the relevant personnel and provide this service after the chat, that as long as the domain name and provide enough huge long tail key to eat with a master domain name plus enough charge to the service will give you down (don’t think). So far the case came to an end, and don’t worry and continue to see.

and I came today about the recent new black hat Shanghai dragon technology. In fact, careful to say is not new. The core of the original is very simple. Only the old methods with new hype. The first to look at: read more

Website optimization process should learn to ride on the long tail word

point let us now to do, even if we try hard at work, and it is not easy to make up, so we need to start from the long tail word, as we do in different industries, I will give an example from the type I do speak, I do is type QQ type the site is popular, because Tencent application, a casual word can bring a lot of surrounding traffic, here we explain the word QQ character signature. Before I do stand analysis of the word competition heat, as follows, the average index for 20W love Shanghai weekend double is 40W, love Shanghai search results for 1300W data, the same type of independent sites should be no less than 1 thousand, this is only an estimate, such competition strongly believe that if we directly optimize the QQ character signature it should be a lifetime optimization is not up. Unless you are a master of the master, or your relatives with love Shanghai, then there is love you Shanghai. read more

The primary station completes the network promotion must perform well what

Related reading:

is more than competitive network 贵族宝贝 we summarize some of the primary webmaster do network promotion must perform well what, also please the old webmaster exhibitions.

is to become the primary webmaster do network promotion must perform what? I as a primary webmaster, that there are so few points:

4, understand Shanghai Longfeng promotion knowledge, as long as the promotion of Shanghai dragon in place, compared with the traditional way of promotion is much better off, so long as the conditions permit, we must go to study and promote the collection of Shanghai dragon. read more

Webmaster actual site right down to determine causes and Solutions

NO1, Shanghai

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NO2, the site was attacked

: the first benchmark data on Shanghai Longfeng data will generally anomaly, Shanghai dragon data weathervane is through the daily sampling 100 thousand sites to analysis data, relatively accurate.

when your website did not do any adjustment, there is no reason the website ranking drop, flow down, do not rush to judge whether the site right down, probably love Shanghai algorithm self adjustment due to the fluctuations of the website ranking. Then love Shanghai some abnormal adjustment algorithm. read more

The solution of website drop right

3) website or website changes more than 30%, the website and website layout change 30% is our webmaster a taboo, the revision is completely changed the links page. The spider will think of our web site to do something new, as a new website, it will enter the engine credit period (table).


3, according to the website right down

4) site your domain name is not in the home

There are several reasons about

1) were included in the search engine of your site is slow, usually in the snapshot update time read more

The site was down the right love Shanghai normal included rankings do not how to deal with the recov

website is love Shanghai drop right, included normal, how to deal with the recovery ranking without


1. if you are K out of the station, recommended to wait a week to see. The K station killed many websites, so there will be a lot of sites will be natural recovery. The webmaster hand will have a station to be K out, only 2 pages, customer service call to ask, I am careful with the customer to explain, let him wait for 2 days, and 2 days before the home page included and recovered after the weights are back, before the keywords ranking in the home. read more

The integration of Shanghai dragon and UEO is perhaps Shanghai dragon Er way

to obtain what is good ranking? The premise is this article to be included, if not included, everything is in vain. Then this article will highlight the theme, such as the subject of this article is "how much" construction sites in Shenzhen, to repeated costs and prices of these related words in this article, the user not only to find this article to highlight the theme of what is, and let the search engine easy to understand this article theme. When the trigger "website price" search, search engine will think this article correlation is higher, so the ranking is relatively good. Keywords blend degree is higher, then the value is high, this article has to click continue to reprint. There is strong correlation value, the theme to the good rankings are difficult. read more

Through love love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sea by optimization techniques do Taobao ranking

indicated: this process at first glance is very simple, but careful webmaster will find that Taobao is like Shanghai as a drop-down box, the drop-down box will actually change the user search habits. For example, when you search for certain women, as long as you play women’s two words, according to the drop-down box will dress a keyword associated with 10 keywords and women related, this time the user is likely to see what you want, just click on the. We do so in Taobao, released when the baby, the ability to model the user behavior, and then put these keywords the title of the baby from the drop-down box to add up, so that when users search, your baby will have the opportunity to get to show, as long as the show if you are lucky, you choose competition small keywords and perhaps you ranked first, you should know that Taobao’s actual conversion rate is very high, there is a big difference between it and love Shanghai, users come to your shop, also worry not sell baby read more

How do industry website of Shanghai dragon plan

?Shanghai dragon

first, the website structure function to ensure perfect, we can’t push a website?

when we get an industry website, the first thing to do is to pre analysis and keyword positioning, which includes the analysis of site type, site site site business scope, target groups and so on; including keyword analysis, analysis of search volume, core keywords industry target customers often search keywords and key words of the competition website, including market share, content characteristics, website industry competitiveness. (do not rule out other objective factors, domain name advantage, including edu, gov, is included in the key domain. read more

100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know four

34, do not know what causes the site to flow down most of

35, for customers, focus and several? Flow rate, conversion rate, registration rate, brand

mall site.

site map is convenient search engine crawling included, itself is not necessary to frequently submit, as long as the site can be normal. As for the site map submission frequency, the key is decided according to the number and update the site update frequency, usually arranged in a Monday update on the line.


33, Links website home page can not be on the first page? What is the effect of read more

Love Shanghai keywords ranking unstable how to operate

chain represents the basis of site, means of interpersonal relationship website. When the site is down right, should first check whether there is Links problems due to other sites, if Links site site is not the first home page, the snapshot time spent waiting, some have loved Shanghai right down the website will cause the keyword ranking is not stable, the search engine will be regarded as the same with the website Wu, caused by search engine punishment. As to find this kind of friend chain website, promptly removed, at the same time, find some relatively high. read more

How to avoid the site optimization site was K off

1. K site was first to consider their own reasons. Website optimization is a long-term arduous project. The contents of data every day we have to update the site, the site of the chain and keywords. But its effect is very slow, so do not can complete the optimization of a short duration of time. It is a long process, a long time, it will be possible to achieve our expected goal. Therefore, we do website optimization of Shanghai dragon Er, we must first adhere to every day to do, not three days fishing nets two days of drying or anxious, we are in a period of time, all kinds of optimization work hard to do a website, then regardless of him, this website will naturally become worse, until finally killed. And when we do website optimization should pay attention to the regularity, which is completed on time every day how much of the original content, the release of the chain. No more nor less. If the update rules are no rules to the site every day, suddenly more and less, there may be considered cheating, long time on site are not good, will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, to avoid the website optimization Website by K, we must have the law, and insist on doing. read more

How long can the new station to get a good ranking

two, the need to maintain the update rules of

four, patience, not to optimize excessive < >

we do not recommend new web site in the local test will fill in all of the content, we recommend only need to put the home page module fill some related contents can be online, do remember the bulk collection (copying website direct information make to their station is also within the collection), in the new period we can do some pseudo original to attract love Shanghai crawl, so as to enhance the site’s ranking. read more