Month: August 2017

The integration of Shanghai dragon and UEO is perhaps Shanghai dragon Er way

to obtain what is good ranking? The premise is this article to be included, if not included, everything is in vain. Then this article will highlight the theme, such as the subject of this article is "how much" construction sites in Shenzhen, to repeated costs and prices of these related words in this article, the user not only to find this article to highlight the theme of what is, and let the search engine easy to understand this article theme. When the trigger "website price" search, search engine will think this article correlation is higher, so the ranking is relatively good. Keywords blend degree is higher, then the value is high, this article has to click continue to reprint. There is strong correlation value, the theme to the good rankings are difficult. read more

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Through love love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sea by optimization techniques do Taobao ranking

indicated: this process at first glance is very simple, but careful webmaster will find that Taobao is like Shanghai as a drop-down box, the drop-down box will actually change the user search habits. For example, when you search for certain women, as long as you play women’s two words, according to the drop-down box will dress a keyword associated with 10 keywords and women related, this time the user is likely to see what you want, just click on the. We do so in Taobao, released when the baby, the ability to model the user behavior, and then put these keywords the title of the baby from the drop-down box to add up, so that when users search, your baby will have the opportunity to get to show, as long as the show if you are lucky, you choose competition small keywords and perhaps you ranked first, you should know that Taobao’s actual conversion rate is very high, there is a big difference between it and love Shanghai, users come to your shop, also worry not sell baby read more

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How do industry website of Shanghai dragon plan

?Shanghai dragon

first, the website structure function to ensure perfect, we can’t push a website?

when we get an industry website, the first thing to do is to pre analysis and keyword positioning, which includes the analysis of site type, site site site business scope, target groups and so on; including keyword analysis, analysis of search volume, core keywords industry target customers often search keywords and key words of the competition website, including market share, content characteristics, website industry competitiveness. (do not rule out other objective factors, domain name advantage, including edu, gov, is included in the key domain. read more

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100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know four

34, do not know what causes the site to flow down most of

35, for customers, focus and several? Flow rate, conversion rate, registration rate, brand

mall site.

site map is convenient search engine crawling included, itself is not necessary to frequently submit, as long as the site can be normal. As for the site map submission frequency, the key is decided according to the number and update the site update frequency, usually arranged in a Monday update on the line.


33, Links website home page can not be on the first page? What is the effect of read more

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Love Shanghai keywords ranking unstable how to operate

chain represents the basis of site, means of interpersonal relationship website. When the site is down right, should first check whether there is Links problems due to other sites, if Links site site is not the first home page, the snapshot time spent waiting, some have loved Shanghai right down the website will cause the keyword ranking is not stable, the search engine will be regarded as the same with the website Wu, caused by search engine punishment. As to find this kind of friend chain website, promptly removed, at the same time, find some relatively high. read more

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How to avoid the site optimization site was K off

1. K site was first to consider their own reasons. Website optimization is a long-term arduous project. The contents of data every day we have to update the site, the site of the chain and keywords. But its effect is very slow, so do not can complete the optimization of a short duration of time. It is a long process, a long time, it will be possible to achieve our expected goal. Therefore, we do website optimization of Shanghai dragon Er, we must first adhere to every day to do, not three days fishing nets two days of drying or anxious, we are in a period of time, all kinds of optimization work hard to do a website, then regardless of him, this website will naturally become worse, until finally killed. And when we do website optimization should pay attention to the regularity, which is completed on time every day how much of the original content, the release of the chain. No more nor less. If the update rules are no rules to the site every day, suddenly more and less, there may be considered cheating, long time on site are not good, will eventually be eliminated. Therefore, to avoid the website optimization Website by K, we must have the law, and insist on doing. read more

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How long can the new station to get a good ranking

two, the need to maintain the update rules of

four, patience, not to optimize excessive < >

we do not recommend new web site in the local test will fill in all of the content, we recommend only need to put the home page module fill some related contents can be online, do remember the bulk collection (copying website direct information make to their station is also within the collection), in the new period we can do some pseudo original to attract love Shanghai crawl, so as to enhance the site’s ranking. read more

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Analysis of the influence of user behavior on the Google ranking

1. noble baby Analytics

The content of The

Google visits a website user behavior:

3. noble baby +1

2. noble baby Talk

noble baby tag importance Effect of

5. Tool Bar

4. Webmaster Tool

in the serious homogenization era. Original content is very important, so in the layout of the content needs to be done to.

we need to understand these data come from, how to obtain these data.

Title description should allow users to the most intuitive understanding of the site, each page will have a title page, so Google pay more attention to the website title tag, should be concise, summary. read more

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Fuzhou beauty training station optimization real photo sharing application


page to display the search, turned into a popular label, made directional anchor text.

version of phpMyFAQ 2.6.1

B, adjust the page similarityClassification page

A, the sidebar adjustment

I used the

my website: 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/

is higher.

content page is similar, the right sidebar, modified to display the same link current question answering. This page, content page, page classification, similarity greatly widen the gap.

search problem is each search result is the title (Putian Lanyun as like as two peas Network Company site can verify), this will also affect the included, so I put each of the search results title made changes, different results show a different title, the anchor text keywords into title. Are interested can pass. read more

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10 optimization techniques streamlined web page

now has a lot of people begin to pay attention to this problem, and there are a lot of optimization tools, but these techniques are very easy to use, does not need to spend too much time, also do not need to re develop.

in Linux we often use the suffix for the.Gz file, which is the GZIP format, Internet today has become very common to use a data compression format, or a file format.

, for developers, the greater the amount of code, it is not easy to update and maintenance.

1, GZIP compression format read more

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A flow of money how to improve the site conversion rate

really do not know how to maintain the site every day is the webmaster, actually did not take his cards burst! For this site, I want to do is only to show that: the type of advertising? No man as a man. As a user, the mood is bad, who would have thought to see your ad Click

two: your website is to let users crazy!

! ?

web site, traffic is the first factor, however, the first golden rule you know to make money? "Conversion rate"! Every day doing the traffic, but not earn enough money to enhance the flow of many webmaster site beyond count! Try to think, not to earn money flow is not high enough, but is ignored: conversion rate the problem. Can not find the root cause, just to enhance the flow of the blind, as long as the flow lifting up absolutely can earn more money, but I want to say is: don’t you want to even if the flow rate is rising, also can earn more money? Do not know how many people have thought about the problem. read more

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Analysis of some characteristics of domestic Shanghai Dragon ndustry

2 only from the domestic Shanghai Longfeng level is low. Here refers to the low level of the overall level, that is to say, me too much, master rare. This is mainly because the domestic Internet slow development, school education can not keep up, social education is also a flicker of money, coupled with the large number of the network have a big flicker master to earn tuition, so the overall level of domestic Shanghai dragon again pulled.

please indicate the source!

3 commercial application maturity. Tend to industry, products of Shanghai Longfeng, businessmen and managers have become more and more clear read more

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Discussion on the optimization of the four points of the website content pictures

with the development of the Internet age, the master is more and more, keywords competition is increasingly fierce, only to master some basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster is unable to get good rankings, ranking no keywords naturally without flow, but the pen recently found my site for a lot of traffic in love Shanghai pictures, then I saw a new hope to improve website traffic, here I will share with you through some of the relevant knowledge of love Shanghai. Shanghai Dragon:

(a) add a keyword in the picture ALT, and title as important title. read more

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A little personal experience during the 15 days of Shanghai dragon optimization Changsha

nonsense, I still say that the station, according to the analysis of the recent optimization, love Shanghai is indeed pay more attention to the optimization of station, reflected in the content and quality of the above correlation, because now I only yesterday released a chain from the station, or the 28 push inside information I left the website home page link, found that the chain has its own home page and 28 push that link the second day, let me find love Shanghai update from the 2012-2013 algorithm is not only continuously, to help the users, and for those who seriously do the Webmaster Station are also given a high degree of attention, as long as your content is helpful to the user, and the content related to the theme of the high degree of love Shanghai will give you the proper place, no matter how much you are a new station, because any current my hair An article is after the reasonable classification, if with certain topics or some other articles are related, I do some appropriate inside the anchor text link to other articles, but also make corresponding labels, take Shanghai Longfeng optimize directory the following article, I will not look up at the end of each article deliberately in the key to the optimization of the home page, usually 2-3 article a few appropriate addition to the optimization of keywords to the home page, but try to put these articles together, so that it not only improves the correlation degree of the station, but also the important keywords to improve nature. read more

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Analysis of space access speed and site access speed and different association

if the site access speed below 5S, the website can be love Shanghai spiders, if higher than 5S, then your station is dangerous, because love is higher than that of 5S Shanghai will lead to the failure of spider crawling timeout. There are a lot of new sites not included is the reason. Sometimes a region access timeout, this is quite normal, but if this happens frequently, it would need to clean up the site, find out the factors affecting the speed of.

website speed test tool can use the Kaka network address is: 贵族宝贝webkaka贵族宝贝/. If I need to test the access speed of www.xudianchi5贵族宝贝, enter the URL after the point can be determined. read more

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For the double eleven selling electricity supplier website how to do well in the station optimizatio

dynamic web page

the product for the advantages of similar products is

electronic commerce website especially need to pay attention to the user experience and user behavior, which is one part of the site of the Shanghai dragon. Many owners do not know what to put on the first page, most of the websites using simple display principle of the latest articles. In fact, this approach is not desirable, for a sales site, you may wish to show you in this order page:

2, reduce the production of

would you recommend friends to buy read more

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Ali mother a data anomaly you can avoid advertising feesThe latest announcement 3 nine wins


new alliance, 0.7 yuan / month. According to registration fee, the data will be returned every other day, and the data on will be returned on Monday. Please send in!

UUSKYPE language with CPA advertising, new advertising style, click rate is high, welcome to launch,


, everybody:


nine wins advertising alliance

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

2,2 18 months to February 24th Commission has been paid

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

don’t take the data points into the abnormal to fool me, I don’t eat this one, not see your platform, a day to 50 are not linked to your advertisement, also don’t say what 33 days I get more revenue 50 free 09 month 01 days income: 1.36 yuan no settlement income: 50.09 yuan read more

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Decoration network landing three new board for the renovation of the pain point the founder saidThe

1, SEO. Sure enough, it needs concrete practice to realize the essence of seo. This piece is mainly internal construction and construction of the chain.

goes on to talk about external construction: what I do is personality

Huang Shengjie pointed out that the decoration of the two major pain points are caused by their uncertainty. On the one hand, the price of the decoration is opaque. How much does the decoration cost from the beginning to the end, and only a ballpark estimate can be made?. The subdivision, consumers will always encounter such as a gas cooker accessories to how much money, how much do you charge for the hose, plus fifty, one hundred yuan or one thousand or two thousand yuan is common. Consumers do not understand, not professional, resulting in always being professionals pit. read more

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SEO road only persistence is the kingly wayCharm League 0 7 yuan into VR a strong attack

            in the face of growing customer demand, only the WAP alliance has been unable to meet, Feng Jianrong decided to invest millions, with strong capital advantage as the premise, to build the most technologically leading domestic Web website alliance platform.

blindlyAccording to the observation of small

            with the most professional league team: both technical and operational, is from the beginning of 2003 in the alliance business, it can be said that they are the best understanding of the needs of owners, such as their advertising materials of a product up to 100 sets, to meet the different the webmaster needs. Such as VOD products, update the fastest songs and advertising pages, updated daily 30 pop songs, and 20 sets of advertising. To give you the best advertising, to maximize the benefits. In the way of cooperation with the webmaster, out of the traditional into the model, but also introduced the "security at the end", "monthly advertising position" and other modes. read more

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Personal Adsense business 4 months experienceThree cock silk youth selling half a year of vegetable

they found it a universal phenomenon. In Beijing, a large number of aged 20 to 35 years old white-collar workers, but in their income off a similar situation, because some people are not do dinner, others are due to make a meal time cost is too high. In Beijing Huilongguan community as an example, if a normal white-collar work at 5:30, 6:30 at home, then the markets usually have closed, can only choose to go to the supermarket queuing to buy food, go home and wash dishes, cooking, cooking, eat one hour after the meal is fast. If you eat food on a clean and nutritious basis, you can save time to buy food, cooking, how much you can do what you want to do! read more

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