Month: July 2017

No reliable products and operations in the can’t do anything

is a kind of hate is called: that’s predecessor, experienced: early and full of joy to meet the expectations of the future, and then along the plain gradually kill until the numbness, complex feelings eventually due to disappointment to hate.

, and this situation does not belong to: former, for the shell network produced o2o experience consulting platform "on the line", Ni Shu also has a similar complex emotions.

March 2015, Ji thirteen personally site promotion of new products "in", backed by the cognitive surplus theory, to share economic consulting experience o2o trend, Ni Shuyi once the model is quite good. read more

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True experiences after graduation

2007 June at the age of 17, I finally went out of the gate, set foot on society! I am graduated from technical school, a mixed school for a year, what did not learn, only learn is to play games online,

idle away in seeking pleasure!

graduated, arranged in the school, came to Shenzhen, just began to think that work is very good, but do not stand for a few days, and leave you sweat ` ` left school, arranged into the factory! Go to work, a month later, still did not find a job, in fact, is not not found but do not want to do. In Shenzhen, everyone knows that the place where the money is made is too tired, and there is no money in the easy place. After playing in Shenzhen for more than two months, I went into a hotel as a waiter, and the hotel did great. I came to Xiamen two months later,

! read more

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Talking about the process of cats from being abandoned to being admitted

‘s first contact with cat Park games ( is on the A5 trading page.

‘s information about the sale of cat theft was released in July 16th, when I saw the sale of the information, ten days later. During the ten days, however, it was like an abandoned child. I see is not hard at that time, only the habit of a query about the station of each search engine included, snapshots, Links status: GG included normal, but from the original PR3 dropped to PR2 is not optimistic; especially Baidu: bad! Only included the first snapshot, or June 30th the old, more than a month! What is this concept? Most website hope is "Baidu" if your site in Baidu search engine disappeared or long time was not included there is no hope (each stationmaster is this article said, no wonder) issued for sale for ten days. Even people who are not on price. Links are equally outrageous, 11 links have 6 home pages, no link to this station. He is selling the chain? Or give up do not care for a long time! My heart with suspicions dialed quote on the left of the original (see contact the webmaster company in the implementation of the system under the cut, he had to work harder. Come home from work to help take care of the baby, no longer idle cat care Park, games for up to nearly two months. The situation worse every day, consciously powerless, nor love wishes to see he had devoted a lot of effort to build the website that hard to sink in the unknown to the public! So A5 released for sale can be sold at a price, what he did not care, just want to sell to people who want to see me so sincerely) inquire the site admin password to me, is real it is true at the same time let me further understanding of the site. read more

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Something about advertising on the website

site for almost a month, and IP has not been much, and he just built the site, put the ads up, and now found that hanging advertising is not so, what are the main manifestations of it?

one, to create an aversion to

I was the movie station 51 what said? Originally movie station to profit is to rely on traffic flow is to point to our advertisement, but our advertisement? From the first day to hang now no one. It’s a small matter. You can always count on someone. But the hell is, some netizens on the Internet message said, your website pop too much, the movie can’t see, next time never come. This has lost customers. read more

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Some of my summary to the end of the struggle in the webmaster

the end of the year, up to the webmaster.

stationmaster is very busy, stationmaster is very busy really, the job is endless process to stationmaster. Believe that the webmaster have their own personal experience, always feel that time flies quickly from side to side, because a busy up, will forget the time.

webmaster work every day, usually have their own rules, do more become habits, habits become natural. After talking with many webmaster friends, summed up the next day, the webmaster do the general work, colleagues to everyone nagging. read more

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Talking about depressing website filing

himself is a small webmaster, very small kind of, from January 06 began doing web site. By the end of 05, I saw an article on the website making money in a computer magazine with a classmate in the dormitory. It was about how to make money with Google adsense.

freshman, learning web production, using FrontPage, will point special effects, such as text floating over, and so on, and now looks very bad. It’s a static page, but at that time I thought it was written better than the others. See this Wangzhuan article, then interest way, just do it. I quickly went to the library to borrow some books, but it was still a static page. I made a website about tea during the vacation. Looking for free space everywhere, using a free two level domain name. Later, know what is dynamic web pages, learning the ASP, bought the space, will change all static into a static. I found the authority of a domain name, so I bought it. read more

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Do electricity supplier essential dry Taobao search full analysis

Author: Chen Yan

on Taobao search, spread a lot of "experience sharing", many of which are short-sighted black hat misleading, a lot of good sellers, so astray, difficult to extricate themselves. Next, we will uncover the veil of 2013 Taobao search for you, help you to search the steady development of the operation.

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1. What is Taobao search


two, the composition of the search results page

1. Taobao main search results page

2. Tmall search results page

three, Taobao search model interpretation read more

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A few thoughts about Baidu’s 14 days’ collection

my station is a computer security station (, not what personal experience, also do not know much about SEO, only a little experience I was included in Baidu talk here for your advice.

1. Choose a better site procedures, I used the wind, personal feel very good.

2. Multi update, multi acquisition, but processing.

3. More in Baidu space, paste it, know the post. Remember to add your link, but remember not to post it maliciously.

4. Links to websites that exchange links are available. read more

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As long as there is vision no site to do Taobao customers still earn thousands of months

Taobao customers want to make money in the Ali Mama, generally must have a website, blog, forum, etc. can be used to help you promote the resources, but there is a method, there may be some people do not know, or do not believe to try. My website, Ali, mom, advertising, often by such a group of people to buy, this group of people is neither Taobao dispensers, nor websites, blogs, those things, but not the kind of no matter where the goods are linked. This group of people is working on their own unique vision for the Taobao quality goods, while looking for high-quality advertising, then buy advertising to promote Taobao shopkeeper goods, by taking the Commission to make money with advertising a price difference. read more

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Analysis of the B2B industry needs to find breakthroughs and imagination

from the Internet to the development trend of B2B industry development has been thorough, whether the Alibaba or other B2B sites have been developed with, now the Internet is different from before, almost all business operations to B2B industry. In recent years, various types of B2B sites in the constant rise, from the building materials industry to the machinery industry, these industries are in e-commerce transactions, let enterprises through various Internet business platform and complete business transactions, and these have been completely cannot do without the B2B industry. read more

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How to do a good job in commodity marketing empathy

many shopkeepers feel bad sales of goods, after all, now the competition has been very intense industry. However, if the owner can stand in the customer’s point of view, empathy may be able to make a better business. So, if you want a hot business, might as well to think about operating. However, it is true that there are a lot of owners want to do empathy work, but do not know how to carry out. So, how to do a good job in the work of transposition thinking?

a, the customer as a friend. When faced with a friend, you may want him to get the best interest in buying, not just goods sold, naturally combined with his actual needs to introduce goods, and pick out to his friends will accept such factors more easily. read more

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Grassroots webmaster need to learn to integrate resources efficient operation of the site

Internet is a borderless, equal Kingdom, people enjoy to show their style as well as the kingdom of sharing a valuable resource, resource as a webmaster, how can we effectively integrate his style for


domestic Internet environment for a period of time, many owners have to transfer to foreign space, now even domain names are purchased in a foreign domain, as we all know, the server in a foreign country, impact on the search engine is relatively large, at least in the domestic Baidu alone big, Baidu gives weight to the region relatively large, followed by the use of foreign domain name and space, but also has great influence on the domestic access speed, especially the download and online play, speed is discounted. In order to avoid unnecessary harmony, now choose to use foreign space and domain name is wise, but how to avoid weaknesses in the establishment of the process? The answer is the integration of resources, make full use of the various advantages, efficient operation of the site. read more

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Grassroots do not abandon ideals and pursuits

crawled over the Internet for more than two years, making countless garbage stations. Flow from tens to tens of thousands of, have been K station countless, like me liar alliance is also quite a lot. Not earning much money is a mess of your life. As a webmaster, it is not easy to spend more than 16 hours a day in front of the computer.

content and the title is a little bit different, because I want to say is: the website is in persistence, but, blind insist, painful insist, as early as give up. read more

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From selling cards to running websites he does nothing but zero cost business

white shirts, casual pants, sneakers, Shoulder Messenger backpack, "80" CEO Zhao Zilong, the first impression is still a student. However, chat with him, his sparkling eyes flashing out of confidence and maturity, the number of years older than he really let reporters convinced.

"Grandpa is a traditional intellectual, and his father is a small business."." Zhao Zilong saw the reporter come straight to the point: "I have a dual personality and scholar businessmen". read more

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Grassroots webmaster please don’t use the website as your shake Qian Shu

the Internet industry is open to everyone, but also fair, especially the Internet website of this rich resources opened a great door to grassroots webmaster, because of this, many industry insiders or network enthusiasts or have impacted the webmaster of this industry, I also not listed, a the excitement has entered into the station in this industry, I was not really a webmaster, because their professional does not belong to the Internet, but interested in the network, a chance to enter the station of the circle. read more

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Doing website persistence is the last word

I’ve been a personal webmaster for more than 8 years. Do the first stop, is a static station, with NetEase’s free two level domain name, space is free, but specifically where the space can not remember. At that time, you can not do a lot of Web site, space and domain name thieves expensive, so the webmaster is basically free space and free two domain name to do the station. Most websites, especially small websites, are static HTML pages. They are not the static pages that are directly generated after the background is added. They are uploaded locally and uploaded to the original page via FTP. The first site I do is a securities website, because I am more interested in stocks, recommended stocks, but also more accurate, the shares of authorized users. Later, fees were recommended to stock, and the result was a sudden income of more than 10 thousand yuan. At that time also did not do what website promotion, more do not understand what SEO, just and related websites do a link, every day there are thousands of traffic. 1 years later, I bought an independent domain name and space, and later revised the website, made it can be updated through the background of the dynamic web site, when the use of power systems (mobile predecessor). The website also makes small reputation, should be regarded as negotiable securities kind individual website 10 before. Later on the website to sell securities books, 5.5-6.5 purchase price, 25% off sales, sold a wholesale market to take a, no pressure of money is not Yahuo, but I only play money to the bank after the customer delivery, down only this one month income is about 800-1000. Ha ha, there was no Dangdang Taobao at that time. Later, because of the busy work, I gave the net to my relatives. After one year, the relative was out of control because of the poor health. The website was deserted. read more

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Exchanging links is an investment

exchange links is one of the most important work of SEO, the value of friendship links is also higher than all the chain, a good friendship link is a good investment. Why is a friendship link also an investment? Because of the importance of friendship links, people have to pay attention to its existence. Exchange Links to account for SEO work every day ten percent of the time, if the change is not good, there will be dragged down by the website, if can change to a good Links, so it can not only increase the website included, site keywords ranking, can also increase the rate of crawl on the Baidu website, it can be said a lot of good. But nowadays most people don’t pay much attention to friendship links. Actually, this is a big deal. read more

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Hear about the assassin PR lecture

in April 24th jointly organized by the "stationmaster" magazine and the Anhui Internet Alliance in twentieth period of lecture, the speaker called assassin, whose real name is Zhang Kai, this is the theme of "talk talk on how to improve the PR experience, the specific contents of my speech in http://s. Id=108 in time, we can take a look. Now I want to share my speech from this point to learn from the assassin and the experience of everyone.

1., do everything and see why you do it, read more

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By keyword 6 11 Baidu update 1

today is a memorable day, my site after ten days of hard work and wait, finally in the June 11th update, update date is June 6th, but I have been very happy, at least it can be said to have a certain effect, below I will talk about the site management experience, I hope everyone can give some tips and help.

First we

site is a new sites, recruitment websites, in the recruitment industry, the website keyword selection is very important, what is the key? Said simple keyword is user input using a search engine, can maximize the information content of general users to find the word or phrase, is summarized and centralized information. But talent network keywords have certain limitations, it is regional relations, such as our website, Zhengzhou talent network 1+1, the keyword can only be Henan talent network, 1+1 talent network, Zhengzhou talent network and so on, in the search engine optimization about SEO industry keywords, and often refers to the main content of the website core. For a search engine, your web page is mostly about what you’re talking about, and that aspect boils down to a keyword (more often than not). In order to better your web page has a good ranking, but also need to understand these concepts: keyword density and keyword stack. In some search engines, you often write the word "enter keywords", which means you are prompted to enter the keywords you want to search for. read more

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Enterprise station half a month was included in the Baidu share

since was included in the Baidu after a long time did not come to webmaster net hair article, mainly time busy, in fact, long ago want to share with you, now share this process,

used to read a lot of articles did a lot of Baidu included in the station, this year seems to have included become not so easy, especially Baidu, many webmaster said it would be two or three months Baidu will be included, there are also individual stationmaster can be two or three days, but when I do very seriously to do no matter whether or not included, for example, to Baidu Post Bar posts, and to register a blog, but also made some useful external links, anyway not included in period have been doing, not for. read more

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