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Queens Counsel Appointments Announced

first_imgTen lawyers can now add the prestigious Queen’s Counsel designation to their list of accomplishments. Minister of Justice and Attorney General Diana Whalen announced the Q.C. appointments today, Jan. 20. “I congratulate this year’s appointees,” said Ms. Whalen. “They have made great contributions to the practice of law and to their communities throughout their careers.” The appointees are: An independent advisory committee makes Queen’s Counsel recommendations to cabinet. Criteria include a minimum of 15 years as a member of the bar of Nova Scotia, demonstrated professional integrity, good character and outstanding contributions to the practice of law. Gregory Barro, Yarmouth Catherine Benton, Bridgewater Tara Erskine, Halifax Paul Festeryga, Halifax Kate Harris, Halifax Jennifer MacLellan, Halifax Clyde Paul, Halifax Michael Pugsley, Halifax Mark A. Scott, Halifax Michael Taylor, Bedford last_img read more

Autopsies underway for Apotex founder Barry Sherman and wife

first_imgInvestigators are awaiting the results of autopsies performed on Apotex founder Barry Sherman and his wife Honey before determining next steps in the ongoing probe into their suspicious deaths, police said Saturday.Const. David Hopkinson said the autopsies were being performed a day after the billionaire and philanthropists were found dead in their north Toronto mansion. Police have described the deaths as suspicious, but offered no other details to date.“Investigators will wait for the results of the post mortem. They will then determine the course of their investigation and only then will they issue a statement,” Hopkinson said in an email.Hopkinson declined to officially identify the victims, but statements from Apotex and politicians across the country on Friday named the Shermans as the deceased.Apotex described their deaths as shocking and tragic, while other statements praised the Shermans’ numerous philanthropic efforts.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau were among those to offer a tribute to the couple through social media.“Sophie and I are saddened by news of the sudden passing of Barry and Honey Sherman,” Trudeau said in a tweet. “Our condolences to their family & friends, and to everyone touched by their vision & spirit.”Police were called to the Shermans’ home in an upscale neighbourhood of north Toronto just before noon on Friday in response to a “medical complaint.”They declined to say whether the bodies showed signs of trauma and did not provide details on the time or cause of death.Police said homicide investigators are involved in the case, though the deaths have not officially been classified as homicides. They previously indicated that there were no signs of forced entry into the home and that they were not seeking any suspects.The Sherman family released a statement Saturday saying: “We urge the Toronto Police Service to conduct a thorough, intensive and objective criminal investigation, and urge the media to refrain from further reporting as to the cause of these tragic deaths until the investigation is completed.”Barry Sherman founded Toronto-based Apotex Inc. in 1974 with two employees and gradually turned it into the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company.Along the way he amassed a vast fortune, recently estimated by Canadian Business magazine at $4.77 billion, making him the 15th richest person in the country.Sherman faced legal action from family members alleging they had been cut out of the company over the years.As a producer of more than 300 generic pharmaceutical products, Apotex has itself seen a number of litigation issues, as companies have pushed back on its efforts to sell cheaper no-name options.Today, the company has more than 10,000 people in research, development, manufacturing and distribution facilities world-wide, with more than 6,000 employees at its Canadian operations. Those include manufacturing and research facilities concentrated in the Toronto area as well as in Winnipeg.Apotex released a statement on Saturday paying tribute to its founder, praising both his philanthropic efforts and what it described as his vision for health care.“Patients around the world live healthier and more fulfilled lives thanks to his life’s work, and his significant impact on healthcare and healthcare sustainability will have an enduring impact for many years to come,” the statement read. “As employees, we are proud of his tremendous accomplishments, honoured to have known him, and vow to carry on with the Apotex purpose in his honour.”Honey Sherman was a member of the board of the Baycrest Foundation and the York University Foundation. She also served on the boards of Mount Sinai’s Women’s Auxiliary, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the International American Joint Distribution Committee.The Shermans were among Canada’s most generous philanthropists and also organized funding of charitable causes through the Apotex Foundation. The couple made numerous multimillion-dollar donations to hospitals, schools and charities and had buildings named in their honour.The address where the bodies were found was recently listed for sale for $6.9 million. Neighbours confirmed that the property was the couple’s home.last_img read more

China army veterans point to lack of benefits, jailed

first_imgBeijing: Chinese courts announced multiple-year prison sentences Friday for more than three dozen military veterans who protested over the lack of benefits, saying the former soldiers had disrupted social order in a bid to further their own interests. The announcements from the courts in the eastern provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu follow repeated demonstrations by veterans of various ages who say they haven’t been adequately compensated for their service. Veterans have long been organising quietly, but in recent years have staged attention-getting protests outside government offices and the defence ministry’s headquarters in Beijing that prompted the government to establish a Ministry of Veterans Affairs last year. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USThe 47 sentenced to up to six years had been involved in protests last year that involved hundreds of former soldiers. China’s ruling Communist Party tightly restricts all public demonstrations and while it relies on the armed forces to maintain its hold on power, many veterans say they have been left to fend for themselves on meager pensions and little support. Such complaints came to a head last year when more than 1,000 retired soldiers, including locals and many others who rushed in from around the country, descended on government offices in the eastern city of Zhenjiang, in Jiangsu province. For four days, they occupied a public plaza and a street, singing and chanting as they demanded answers over the alleged beating of a fellow veteran by government-hired thugs after he petitioned for better benefits, supporters said.last_img read more

Climate and economic crises taking heavy toll on Caribbean leaders tell UN

26 September 2009While climate change and the global economic crisis are a challenge for all, they are particularly difficult for the small, island nations of the Caribbean, several leaders from the region told the United Nations General Assembly today. “It is a fact that when global crises occur small vulnerable economies tend to pay a disproportionately high price,” Prime Minister Denzil L. Douglas of Saint Kitts and Nevis said, as he addressed the Assembly’s annual high-level debate. He pointed out that, in the case of the economic crisis, the circumstances which precipitated the virtual collapse of several financial institutions were not created by small States such as Saint Kitts and Nevis – the smallest nation in the Western Hemisphere. “Yet, as in the case of climate change, their consequences are forced upon us and we are left to fend for ourselves.” Despite the recent downturn, small economies like his continue to display resilience and make the necessary sacrifices to sustain themselves, he said. Saint Kitts and Nevis is investing in its people through education and retraining, and working to attract international investments in critical sectors to generate employment and other business opportunities. “By doing this, we hope to prepare for the future when the global economy eventually rebounds,” said the Prime Minister. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today reaffirmed the UN’s commitment to working with the region, which has been “especially hard-hit” by both the global financial crisis and climate change. “I am well aware of the heavy toll the global economic crisis is taking on your countries,” he told leaders gathered for a mini-summit on the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). “Oil prices are high, remittances are down, tourism is severely depressed and foreign direct investment has slowed. “There is talk of recovery – but the impact of the crisis could reverberate for years. Your economies are more fragile than many others,” he said. The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Manning, also highlighted the vulnerabilities of small economies in his address to the Assembly’s debate. “We of the smaller countries and the developing world have always been the most vulnerable and the worst affected,” he said. “It is happening again… especially in the Southern Hemisphere, the prospects have grown for increase in poverty, unemployment and general slippage in the development process.” Like many others in the debate, Mr. Manning said that the crisis has made clear the urgent need to reform the global economic system. “We clearly cannot take our eye off the ball. We must not return to business as usual… We must be very wary of the level of adventurousness in leading financial institutions, which contributed very significantly to driving the world to the edge of an economic precipice, from which we are just starting to pull back. “We must now capitalize on the opportunity of this crisis and, without delay, reform our international economic system,” he stated, adding that the global architecture must be transformed to take into account the new realities. Kenneth Baugh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Jamaica, noted that the consequences of the economic crisis – plunging inflows of financing and investment, weak exports, low commodity prices and diminished aid – are reflected in his country and throughout the CARICOM region. “Countries like ours now face the daunting challenge of protecting the most vulnerable of their citizens in a responsible and sustainable manner in the context of declining export demand, contraction in services, including tourism, and lower remittances,” he stated. He added that for the majority of developing countries, the impact of the crisis “will be deep, it will be prolonged and it will be painful.” read more

UN envoy says Kosovo Assemblys resolution divisive

The head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, Michael Steiner, said the resolution raised questions as to whether local leaders had learned the lessons of the past conflict, when the international community intervened because of widespread rights violations, particularly the denial of rights of the majority community.”We are fully aware that repression in Kosovo gave rise to its people’s struggle for justice,” Mr. Steiner said in a statement today. “It is, however, equally critical to recognize that Kosovo’s future peace and prosperity depends on upholding the principle that was trampled on during the 1990’s, that is, respect for the rights and interests of all Kosovo’s communities.”He said the resolution, which reaffirms the determination for an independent state and calls for the government to regulate the “status of the fighter for the freedom and independence of Kosovo,” was divisive and ran counter to the reconciliatory spirit enshrined in UN resolutions and the constitutional framework.The international community expected the Assembly to act in a manner “that builds into the future and does not drag Kosovo into the past,” he added.The three meetings are the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Council on 21 May in Brussels, the Stability Pact Parliamentary Conference from 21 to 22 May in Brussels, and the Stability Pact Regional Conference of the European Union (EU), NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Ohrid, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from 22 to 23 May.Mr. Steiner said he had spoken to the hosts of all three meetings who “under these circumstances no longer consider it appropriate that the Provisional Institutions (President, Assembly and the Government respectively) are represented in the UNMIK delegations.” read more

Business Secretary Vince Cable speech at EEF National Manufacturing Conference – 6

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Press release from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – 6 March 2012Speech by the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP at the EEF National Manufacturing Conference on 6 March 2012:I have just come back from the Geneva Motorshow, where another resounding win for British manufacturing was announced this morning. I had the pleasure of joining Nissan as it unveiled its new “INVITATION” model and confirmed it is going to invest £125m in building the vehicle at its plant in Sunderland. The company says its investment will create and safeguard up to 2,000 jobs at the plant and along the supply chain.The decision should be seen together with other investment commitments by major car producers JLR, Ford, BMW, Mini, Bentley, Toyota, Lotus and others – £4bn in 18 months, and is another clear vote of confidence in Britain’s manufacturing industry. And it vindicates putting support for manufacturing at the core of our economic strategy. In Nissan’s case, each £1 of public sector Regional Growth Fund money is leveraging in £13 of private money.We reaffirmed our commitment to industry at the second Manufacturing Summit, which we held in Bristol two weeks ago, some of you were there. The underlying economic strategy is clear. The old economic model was flawed, resting on the illusion that growth would be driven by a bloated banking sector, a bubble in property values and ballooning household debt.Long-term recovery from the financial crisis and subsequent recession depends on boosting rates of private investment, increasing exports to growing markets in Asia and beyond, and encouraging start-ups throughout the country. But we cannot just sit back and wait for it to happen.The commitment to deficit reduction and financial discipline remains central, but it is not sufficient. We need, in my view, a properly articulated industrial strategy. This chimes rather neatly with the position set out by the EEF in its Budget submission, published today, which I will look at in detail.In many people’s minds that immediately raises the spectre of the 1970s, with its discredited industrial interventionism and attempts to pick winners – which generally turned out to be inefficient losers, despite unaffordable subsidies and the assumption that Ministers knew better than markets.But the world is very different now. Global competition is fiercer than ever, due to the BRIC countries and other emerging economies. The naïve belief in the infallibility of markets has been exposed as myth, particularly financial markets.And I keep hearing that UK manufacturers may risk missing big global opportunities unless this country adopts a proactive policy towards British industry.What’s required is a sophisticated approach that recognises governments have an important role to play in the economy – but one that works with the grain of markets.And manufacturing in particular has a crucial role. Manufacturing makes a disproportionately large contribution to productivity growth in the UK; it generates half our visible exports; and it is responsible for much of the business R&D in this country. So providing the right framework of incentives and support will have a material effect on future rates of economic growth.A passive and short-term approach is not sufficient for creating long-term industrial capabilities. So it’s essential we develop a strategic vision for where our future industrial capabilities should lie.Energy Intensive IndustriesThat partly means recognising when they face specific challenges and responding to them. That is why, despite my conviction that we must move to a low carbon economy, I have searched for an affordable way to offset the costs of the carbon price floor and the Emissions Trading Scheme for the most energy intensive industries.A unilateral tax rise imposed upon these industries will likely drive them away from the UK. We lose the production and jobs; pollution continues unabated somewhere else. Decarbonisation does not mean deindustrialisation. On the contrary, mature industries such as steel, chemicals and cement will play an important role in the green economy, by boosting energy efficiency and taking their places in supply chains as activities such as offshore wind and nuclear grow.The £250m energy intensive industries package, which we are introducing subject to state aid, will help ensure the necessary shift to low carbon does not come at their expense.I can confirm we will be issuing a call for evidence next week, which we will use to develop the criteria for the scheme, and my department will be working closely with the EEF and other industry bodies to get the detail right.TechnologiesBut a modern industrial policy must also focus on keeping Britain at the cutting edge of technological innovation. For this reason, despite the difficult spending decisions taken elsewhere, we have ring-fenced and maintained the science and research budget at £4.6bn, and boosted capital investment around £500m. Key competitors – the US; France; Germany; and China – have all prioritised science and innovation in response to the recession, and we can’t afford to be left behind.Government has a legitimate role in making choices and addressing the market failures that hinder the development of core technologies, especially during the innovation phase. It is often too risky, or simply too expensive, for an individual company to undertake the necessary investment in R&D by itself.If we are going to provide meaningful support to the industries of the future, we must be willing to step in at the ‘proof of concept’ stage, where high rates of failure mean the market is unlikely to support development, and where large scale demonstrators are required to prove a technology can function in a real-world environment.This requires a willingness to be selective about the technologies and disciplines where the UK should build its capabilities. The network of Catapult Centres we are launching reflect these choices, and will smooth the path between original research and its commercial applications. The first Catapult, focusing on high value manufacturing, is receiving £140m public funding over six years.Other centres have been announced in offshore renewables, which I launched in Glasgow last month; cell therapy, satellite applications; and what we call the connected digital economy. Two further specialisms will be announced in due course and the network will be fully operational by 2013.Alongside this, we are ploughing £50m into a graphene research facility, laying the groundwork for the UK to be a world leader in the exploitation of this revolutionary material.Measures such as these are needed to boost investor confidence, but they will not be sufficient on their own to bolster our future manufacturing capabilities.SectorsThere is a good case for being more explicit about the choices we make, and for getting fully behind our most innovative and tradeable sectors. In the past we have tended to squeeze by, making choices by default and responding to crises as they arose. This will no longer do: manufacturing industries with long horizons for innovation and investment require a planned, proactive approach.The automotive industry, which is fresh in my mind after being in Geneva this morning, is a model for the way forward.The Automotive Council provides a forum for conducting an ongoing, high-level conversation among industry and government, and securing agreement on long-term strategy. It has worked on a number of issues of crucial importance to the industry – generating stronger and more competitive supply chains; higher level skills; and an attractive commercial environment. It is a genuine collaboration.A generation ago the automotive sector appeared to be in irreversible decline – beset by strikes and poor management – but today it is a sector transformed.Labour relations are constructive, even when tested during the recession. Companies and university research teams are working together on new technologies. The Government is helping the industry to address skills gaps by funding apprenticeship places, including higher apprenticeships at degree level.Over 40 companies manufacture vehicles in the UK, ranging from global volume car and bus builders to specialist, niche marques. Over 3,000 companies, directly employing 135,000 people, operate in the sector. The clarity provided by the Automotive Council has helped create the confidence that underpins new investment.It would be naïve to suggest that everything is perfect – there is a way to go to reach production levels seen before the global slump. There is serious over-capacity in Europe, one of the main markets.But we are heading in the right direction, car exports are almost at an all-time high and evidence suggests our cars are winning global market share from others.I’ve been focusing on the automotive sector because the planned, considered approach I am advocating is well established and already yielding real results. But it is also being applied in other manufacturing industries – through sector bodies such as the Aerospace Business Leaders group, which I chair, or the Marine Industries Leadership Council, as well as outside manufacturing, in creative industries – though, in fact, creative industries like design and IT are inextricably bound up with modern manufacturing.This strategic leadership is essential if we are to succeed in boosting investor confidence, tackling skills gaps and maximising the return on R&D investment. Countries such as Germany, Korea and Singapore are veterans of this approach and we have to learn from them if we want to stay in the game.Supply chainsUnderscoring efforts to support new technologies and successful sectors is the need for strategic, long-term thinking about supply chains, and the role played by public procurement in supporting them.Sectors such as automotive and aerospace have said they want to nurture their UK supply chains – an appetite sharpened by the competitive exchange rate and the disruption to supplies following the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, which illustrated the vulnerability of long-distance supply chains. Co-location, by contrast, can reduce risks and delays and boost quality control.But in order to base operations in the UK, leading manufacturers need to know they will have a range of firms able to supply quality parts and services with complete reliability, as the Mittelstand offers firms such as Siemens, Bosch and BMW in Germany.In Britain, such firms are often widely dispersed and serve a number of different larger companies, so it seldom makes sense for any one of these ‘primes’ to make the investments needed. This is a classic example of the sort of market failure that a proper industrial policy should address.The £125 million Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative is being set up to expand those we already have so they become globally competitive, and encourage new suppliers to grow here, for example around emerging manufacturing industries such as low carbon technologies. But there are potential good supply chain initiatives in railways, nuclear power, chemicals, oil and gas, as well as automotive and aerospace.The fund will be flexible enough to respond to what is required, whether that is capital investment, R&D, or skills and training support. Successful bids will need to demonstrate they are responding to real demand, whether actual or potential. And they will need to have buy-in from prime manufacturers, so projects will have a realistic prospect of attracting new business and new jobs to the UK.ProcurementReinvigorating UK supply chains will help reverse the process of deindustrialisation and the withering away of capacity which we have seen in recent decades in parts of manufacturing industry. Successive governments have contributed to this process by failing to use their considerable buying power effectively.Public sector spending shapes markets and influences supply chains, whether we like it to or not. In the past, we haven’t fully considered this. We have been too transactional, short-termist, risk averse and costly in implementing European Union procurement rules. By contrast, there is evidence that our key competitors in Europe, to varying degrees, view procurement as an integral part of their industrial strategy.This government will change this unnecessary emphasis on formalism and legalism. We believe Government should be a responsible customer, developing a collaborative and considered long-term relationship with our supply chain. We will work with industry to identify future areas of need and align our various levers to address these gaps to ensure future growth.For example, the National Infrastructure Plan identified 40 priority projects for government. Looking across the range of projects, it is clear that there will be demand for tunnelling capability to deliver these costs effectively. Crossrail has already launched a tunnelling academy to improve workforce skills and this approach is one we could look to replicate in other sectors.There are some substantial opportunities on the horizon, including High Speed Rail and other innovations in the transport sector. The Transport Secretary’s new approach to tendering reflects this more strategic mindset.Other priorities include greater transparency of procurement pipelines for the country’s future energy needs. I for one welcome the Prime Minister’s statement that he wants the majority of the content of new nuclear builds to be manufactured, supplied and engineered by British companies.I do not pretend that this is easy. As we currently see in defence procurement, there are conflicting pressures to buy strategically from UK firms, but also to save money by buying the cheapest equipment off-the-shelf from overseas.Nevertheless, a more considered approach, which gives due weight to the consequences for manufacturing industry of the choices we make, has to be the right way forward, supported by the so-called horizontal policies we are pursuing to support all businesses.RegulationThese include a tax regime which encourages business investment and hard work; investment in physical infrastructure; soft infrastructure such as knowledge and education; and financing arrangements that deliver capital to viable businesses.It also includes a proportionate, business-friendly approach to regulation. I spoke to the EEF about this issue just before Christmas, so I am keen to give an update on progress.We have a good story to tell on regulation. The One in, One out regime is stemming the flow of new regulations, and through the Red Tape Challenge we are identifying a substantial number of regulations for repeal or consolidation. We have also taken steps to end the gold-plating of EU directives, and to apply sunset clauses to new rules.BIS is completely committed to a concerted attack on the regulations that are genuinely damaging to growth. Many of the most intrusive and unnecessary burdens come from the EU, and we are seeking to keep these at bay, working with likeminded governments at the upstream stage.I am quite willing, as is Norman Lamb the Minister for employment relations, to take a more confrontational approach by taking every possible opportunity to delay, consult further, and water down directives that we agree are damaging to Britain, with the working time directive as an obvious example.ConclusionBy using the various levers at government’s disposal, we will ensure that a co-ordinated industrial strategy is reinforced by a supportive business environment.There is substantial room to develop the scope and scale of our industrial policy in future, but it is one of the central pillars of our strategy for achieving economic recovery. A strategy that places world-class manufacturing at the heart of a healthy and balanced economy in the UK. read more

AG says CJs ruling of enforcing Judicial Review Act might be

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAG Williams appealing CJ’s ruling on enforcing Judicial Review ActAugust 9, 2018In “Court”Bar Association welcomes CJ’s ruling on Judicial Review ActMay 31, 2018In “Court”2010 Judicial Review Act….Appeal Court dismisses AG’s caseAugust 10, 2018In “latest news” Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams, has hinted via a press release from his Ministry that they might appeal the High Court ruling compelling him to enforce the Judicial Review Act by July 31, 2018.Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall and current AG Basil WilliamsAsserting that the acting CJ Roxane George-Wiltshire’s ruling was “premature” the statement from the Ministry goes on to outline that ” The Parliament vested the power upon the Minister as a member of the Executive arm of the Government to determine the commencement of the Judicial Review Act. There has been no willful or malicious failure or refusal by the Attorney General to commence the Act as alleged in the case brought before the Court. The Attorney General is persuaded that opportunity and consideration ought to give to the Executive to set a reasonable date for the commencement of the Judicial Review Act given that 8 years has passed since the passage of the Act.”According to the AG Chambers “The decision of the Court raises some important questions regarding governance and the separation of powers between the executive arm of the government and the judiciary. First, can the judiciary govern?  Second, can the Judiciary order the Government to create law? Third, can the Judiciary direct the current Government to implement an Act that the PPP-C government deliberately failed to implement during its time in office.”Touching on the issue of separation of powers the statement goes on to quote from the President Elect of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Justice Adrian Saunders who spoke on the roles and function of the Judiciary.Moreover, the AG Chambers outlined that “The Judicial Review Act was not dependent upon the passing of the Civil Procedure Rules 2016 as argued before the Court and it does not negate the fact that the former Attorney General refused to bring the very Act into law, which he now argues must be brought into law. Moreover, the reference to “rules of Court” in the Act contemplated rules that were already in force as there was already provision in the law for claims for judicial review.”It was also highlighted that the decision “presents a great opportunity for the Caribbean Court of Justice to answer these serious questions of governance and the separation of powers.”In December of 2017, the CJ had granted an Order Rue Nisi of Mandamus, directing the Williams to show cause why the said Order Nisi should not be made absolute.After reviewing all the affidavits files by both sides and legal arguments, Justice George-Wiltshire on Monday last made the Order Rule Nisi absolute and directed the Legal Affairs Minister to bring the Judicial Review Act into force.The National Assembly passed the Bill and it was assented to by the then President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo 2010. However, it was never operationalised.Attorney-at-law and former Attorney (AG) Anil Nandlall, had moved to the court to determine; whether the Minister had discretion to bring into force the Judicial Review Act (JRA) after the promulgation of Civil Procedure Rules; whether the Minister had a duty to issue the order to bring into force the JRA; whether the Court can compel the Minister to fulfill his duty.In addressing the first issue, the Chief Justice examined the relationship between the JDA and the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and noted that the CPR expressly mentioned that the Judicial JRA contained the procedures by which remedies can be accessed under the Act.The acting CJ also took into consideration the Hansard, which evidenced the fact that the JRA was unanimously passed. Its importance was endorsed by both the Applicant and the Respondent in the House. It was also recognised in the debates that the Act will come into force with the CPR.Having outlined the importance of the JRA the Court considered the time frame which would have been reasonable for the Minister to exercise any discretion he had. The Respondent had claimed that the Presidential Legislative Agenda did not take into consideration the enforcement of the JRA.The Court rejected this argument and concluded that the CPR was promulgated since 2010, and that the present Government was in power and that 3 years now and yet failed to bring the Act into force, notwithstanding, that the Respondent was called upon, in writing to do so, by both the Applicant and the Guyana Bar Association.The Court accepted the applicant’s submission that when the CPR came into force, the discretion which the AG had to bring the Act into force was transformed into an obligatory duty and the Respondent failed to discharge this duty.The Chief Justice also considered the AG’s submission that the Court would be breaching the separation of powers doctrine if it were to mingle in the affairs of the legislative and executive.However, the Court made it clear that the JRA had been assented to already which meant it had passed the stage of the legislative arm. Further, that in a situation where the Minister failed to perform his duty, the Court is empowered to compel the said Minister to perform his duty.The Court cited a number of legal authorities to support the conclusions reached. The Court ordered Williams to pay to the applicant $100,000 in cost. read more

Seyii Tolof –Tolof Part 598 EPISODE 37 Difficult Marriages – Domm

first_imgJambarr He is at his Study Room in melancholy Yaaga did not come to serve him breakfast but Suwerr came instead he asked her; “Has Yaaga comeback from weekend?”Suwerr “Sir she has come.”Jambarr “Asked her to come and see me please.”Suwerr “Okay Sir.” She left.Yaaga She is very unhappy that Maama Linguerre loathe her and is going to pose a great problem; She said to herself; “Maama hates me with passion she sees me as a betrayer and a great opportunist what am I going to do? It is said it is a battle to have your mother-in-law as an enemy. I’ll just packed my belongings and go out of sight.” As she was doing that Suwerr came in a hurry and enquired;Suwerr “What are you trying to do? Pack and disappear? It is not possible Jambarr wants to see you immediately come let us go.”Jambarr “What do you want to do go and leave me here? What about our baby? You should not have told dad it should have been a secret none should have known not even my wife Taaru. I’ll be dead if she gets to know.”Yaaga She frown; “But as our people say ‘dohuti galemn ‘it transcend up the fart of the camel its smell climbs up;  how can I keep the secret of my pregnancy? Sooner or later Taaru must come to know about it and what about when she asks me who is responsible? What should I tell her?”Jambarr “Tell her your boy -friend she will not even go there she is a perfect lady she does not gossip she minds her business.”Yaaga She is being jealous as she sees Taaru as a rival; “Who is busy body? I came and found a family problem and I went into it to find a solution is that what you are saying?”Jambarr “That interpretation is wrong and you know it Taaru is your dear friend is she not? She is my dear wife very faithful and loyal to me she has never cheated on me but here I am being a naughty husband cheating on her and worse still with a person she brought home to help. Our relationship is patriarchal and I am not happy and proud about it.”Yaaga “I’ve seen your point I’ll never be a second wife even if I bear you a son? We have not come to the bridge if we reach there we shall see how to cross it there are many ways to catch a rat. Let me get you your breakfast.”Taaru She noticed that Jambarr is avoiding him she decided to change tactic what she learns in books; she took her stand and move away from him; “I’ll never force myself on a man not even my husband I’ve done nothing wrong to him.” She visited her pastor again.Counseling “don’t neglect your duty as a wife but also uphold your dignity things will come clearer later.Yaaga She was vomiting and Taaru suspected her.Taaru “What’ wrong with you?” She asked.Yaaga She panicked and thought Taaru suspected her she answered;“I am pregnant.”Taaru “Pregnant!  How careless when your son is barely a year old? What are we going to do? Paapa and Maama should not hear it they were unhappy when I brought you in seeing you as uncouth now being pregnant?”Yaaga “No abortion I’ve taken out too many boys precious boys privileged women losing their marriages for lack of male children I can sell them to rich families and be   a millionaire.” She argued flippantly to hurt Taaru. She looked at her and left.Alone “Was she throwing words to get me hurt? No Yaaga cannot do that to me. It was a coincidence and Yaaga being uncouth and all that.”In the morning “You have to join Ante natal clinic.” Taaru adviced.Abrupt Answer “I have already join and my child is scanned and said to be male.”Taaru “Who is the father of the child?”Yaaga She made herself choked followed by bouts of incessant coughs a tactic not to answer her question. Taaru left for work. To be Cont.last_img read more

Foreclosures decline by 54 percent in Clark County

first_img More than 50 percent fewer Clark County homes entered foreclosure in May, according to a Wednesday report, as new regulations and a national lawsuit forced mortgage lenders to negotiate with delinquent borrowers.At least that’s the theory of a local housing expert, who says short sales — in which the mortgage holder accepts a selling price that is less than the outstanding debt on the property — are fast becoming a preferable option to foreclosure.The shift played out with a 54 percent decline in Clark County foreclosures in May, which dropped to a total of 151 from 329 foreclosures in the same month last year, according to California-based RealtyTrac Inc. Countywide foreclosures also declined for the 15th consecutive month, down from 170 homes in foreclosure in April.“At the same time, we’re seeing the percentage of successful short sales going up,” said Kevin Gillette, executive director of the Community Housing Resource Center in Vancouver, which offers mortgage counseling to troubled homeowners, among other programs.Gillette credits a new state law for slowing Clark County’s rate of foreclosure, which turned in the fourth-highest rate of foreclosure out of the state’s 39 counties in May, a decline from the third-highest the previous month. Click to enlarge.last_img read more

Uptown Launches SpinOff Uptown Professional

first_img“The key in this environment is that you have something that’s relevant and new and something that’s tied to initiatives that corporations, particularly in the C-suite, see as intergal to their businesses,” say Ingram. “A publication that goes to a multi-ethnic or urban group is something that’s attractive to many corporations.”   Uptown is expanding its reach into the African American market. In November, the magazine said it was increasing its rate base from 200,000 to 225,000 and upping its frequency from bimonthly to 8x in March 2011. Launched in 2004, Uptown publishes a national edition as well as regional editions in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC. With equity partner InterMedia Partners, Uptown Media acquired Vibe magazine in August 2009. Luxury lifestyle magazine Uptown is launching Uptown Professional, a quarterly spin-off targeted to the “urban professional.” The first issue will be polybagged with 100,000 copies of Uptown‘s March issue and will be available on newsstands, in bookstores and distributed through corporate employee affinity and network groups. Going forward, the magazine will be distributed separately from Uptown (while there is some overlap, Uptown Professional has its own dedicated marketing, sales and editorial staffs, according to publisher Robert Ingram).The launch issue has more than 30 ad pages and features profiles of the top 100 African American, Latino and Asian business executives in the U.S. The full list is available at Uptown Professional will be a “seven-figure business” across print advertising, a weekly newsletter, the Web site, and an event scheduled for Fall 2011 around employee network affinity groups, according to Uptown Media CEO Len Burnett.   For its June issue, Uptown Professional plans to feature the “Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion.” That list will be announced in mid-to-late March.last_img read more

Amazon Launches InApp Purchasing For Kindle Fire and Android

first_imgAmazon says it is using the same 1-click purchasing experience in the API, a process many of its customers already use at the main site.  In a statement, CEO and co-founder of Storm8 says that within two months of integrating the in-app purchasing API, revenue grew by ten-fold for one of its games. The freemium model has been on the rise. In February, market research firm IHS forecasted that in-app purchases will account for 64 percent of smartphone app business in 2015—$5.6 billion. That’s up from 39 percent, or $970 million in 2011.IHS also points out that consumer appetite for paying up front for an app is waning and preference for free apps far surpasses paid: 96 percent of smartphone apps were downloaded for free in 2011. Likewise, a recent study by research firm Distimo that got a lot of press attention showed that Apple’s Newsstand had been generating $70,000 per day in sales. The company says that of the 200 top-grossing iPad apps, 74 percent of them feature in-app purchasing. Amazon has jumped on the in-app purchasing bandwagon with today’s announcement that it has publicly launched an API to support the functionality on Kindle Fire and Android devices. The move comes well after Apple’s iOS solution and even Google’s, but it does open the floodgates for a significant installed base of Kindle Fires and Android devices.The in-app purchasing function had been in beta with game developers and publishers such as Glu Mobile, G5 Entertainment, Storm8 and the New York Post.Similar to the other solutions, Amazon’s in-app purchasing API lets developers add the ability to buy stuff from within an app—virtual money, app upgrades and subscriptions. The function essentially turns a one-off app into something that a user can return to over and over, greatly extending the revenue potential and conversion rates.last_img read more

Will beat you inside your house Karni Sena warns Javed Akhtar for

first_imgJaved Akhtar threatened by Karni SenaWikimedia CommonsLyricist Javed Akhtar’s recent comment on demand to ban the burqa in India has not only triggered a debate but some trouble too. Karni Sena has demanded an apology from him and threatened to beat him if he does not apologise in three days.After Shiv Sena asked the government to follow Sri Lanka’s decision to ban the burqa in India, Akhtar at an event in Madhya Pradesh said that if burqa is banned, the system of ghoonghat in Rajasthan should also be removed.”If you want to bring a law banning the burqa, I have no objection. But before the last phase of election in Rajasthan, this government should announce a ban on the practice of ‘ghoonghat’ in that state. I feel that ‘ghoonghat’ should go and burqa should go. I will be happy,” he had said.This statement from the Bollywood celebrity has left Karni Sena furious. A video has come up on social media in which Maharashtra Karni Sena chief, Jeevan Singh Solanki is seen threatening to physically assault Akhtar if he does not apologise in three days.He warned Akhtar not to speak anything against the culture of Rajasthan and demanded an apology from him in three days. He is seen saying Karni Sena will beat him inside his house if he does not apologise.The Karni Sena leader even recalled the group’s action against Sanjay Leela Bhansali before the release of Padmaavat..@KarniSenaDelhi threatens @Javedakhtarjadu for his ‘ghunghat ban’ comment@shree_karnisena | @AzmiShabana— SpotboyE (@Spotboye) May 3, 2019Karni Sena had carried out big protests against the release of Padmaavat as they had believed that the story of the historical queen was distorted in the film. Bhansali was even assaulted by a group of people on the sets of the film during those protests. The group’s leader now openly threatened to attack Akhtar.last_img read more

Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh to open Rendezvous with Simi Garewals new season

first_imgRanveer Singh, Deepika PadukoneInstagramRendezvous with Simi Garewal has been one of the most memorable shows on television that aired during the 90s. The show brought common man closer to their favourite celebrities who gave a sneak peek into their starry lives. And after almost 15 years, Simi Garewal is coming back with a new season of her popular chat show and she has revealed that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh will be the first guests to open the show.”I have never revealed names till I’ve shot the episode. But I’ll reveal this – Deepika and Ranveer have promised their first interview together for Rendezvous,” Simi Garewal was quoted as saying by Mid-Day. This will be Deepika and Ranveer’s first appearance as a married couple on television post marriage. Simi said that she will not change the format of the show to include gossips and will stick to her dignified interpersonal conversation of getting to know the person. “I get many messages from viewers saying they are tired of the present format of talk shows,” she added.Biggies like Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan and Anil Ambani and Tina Munim have been a part of the show.And while Deepika and Ranveer are all set to appear on the first episode of Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’s new season, it will be interesting to know about the line-up of the celebrity guests on the show.Simi is yet to reveal the start date of her upcoming talk show.last_img read more

The answer Nothing Australians are showing the l

first_imgThe answer? Nothing. Australians are showing the love to brands from overseas more than home-grown companies, according to the inaugural NetBase Top 50 Brand Love List, released today. The report places Instagram as the most loved brand in Australia with Telstra – ranking at only number 11 – the first Australian brand to make the overall list.“Australians have a real love and passion for connectivity and social media with Social Media, SMS and Technology industries featuring heavily in the top 10 Love List. It could be due to Australia being so far away from the rest of the world geographically, that Aussies love the way social channels keep them connected to the rest of the world. This is quite different from the UK counterparts who tend to favour more luxury brands such as Chanel and Christian Dior,” said NetBase Chief Marketing Officer, Paige Leidig.The top 10 global brands loved by Australians were revealed as:1.     Instagram2.     Facebook3.     Amazon4.     Twitter5.     Apple6.     Snapchat7.     Pokémon8.     Pinterest9.     Etsy10.  Playstation / SonyHome-grown brands“We would like to see more Australian brands using social to connect with and service their customers, the first local brand to appear in the list was Telstra at number 11 of the overall ranking. The most popular home-grown brands ranking showed quite a few surprises – while it is commonly perceived that Aussies hate the telcos, NetBase revealed that two of them are featured in the top five.The top 10 Australian brands loved by Australians were revealed as:1.     Telstra2.     Qantas3.     Optus4.     Woolworths5.     Virgin Australia6.     Macquarie7.     Westpac8.     ANZ9.     Vegemite10.  Westfield“Fans were very excited about Optus’ sports coverage and partnership with the English Premier League but it was Telstra that has stolen the hearts of the homeland, by providing consistent positive customer service experience even during difficult times like outages and payment errors.“Woolworths is still winning the war on social against rival Coles in the NetBase Love List, with customers discussing the greatest value they can get from their Woolies supermarkets. Airlines – Qantas and Virgin Australia and financial services – Macquarie, Westpac, ANZ – also featured heavily in the home-grown ranking.” said Mr Leidig.The NetBase Top 50 Love List takes a close look at the brands Aussies express the most love for in social media, using patented natural language processing technology to showcase the strongest, most positive consumer emotions towards brands.The Automotive (16 per cent), Retail (16 per cent) and Technology (14 per cent) industries feature most within the overall Australian Top 50 Brand Love List, however that number is not reflected in the volume of positive mentions, with Social Media & SMS (71 per cent) taking up a significant piece of the pie before eCommerce (eight per cent) and Technology (six per cent).This report heralds the arrival in Australia of NetBase, the global leader in enterprise social analytics, as recognised by Forrester.“We are here to help companies understand how to enhance their social media strategy to meet business goals such as boosting customer engagement; and build a tribe of loyal followers. Social is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but should play an integral part in every business and marketing strategy,” said Mr Leidig.last_img read more

Etihad Airways has been named The Middle Easts Le

first_imgEtihad Airways has been named The Middle East’s Leading Airline at the World Travel Awards Middle East, representing a decade of dominance in the category, and one of four accolades during at the ceremony at The St. Regis Dubai.The national airline of the UAE also won awards for the Middle East’s Leading Airline – First Class, the Middle East’s Leading Airport Lounge for its First Class Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Middle East’s Leading Cabin Crew.Peter Baumgartner, Chief Executive Officer, Etihad Airways, said: “These awards are about excellence in the travel and tourism industry, and since winning The Middle East’s Leading Airline award for the first time in 2006, our journey of excellence has been remarkable.“This recognition demonstrates a sustained focus on delivering the very best products, service and value through innovation in a competitive marketplace. This would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our staff and business partners, and, of course, the support of guests globally who have chosen to travel with us.”Etihad Airways has grown from 22 aircraft, flying to 43 destinations and supported by 4369 staff in 2006 – to a fleet of 123 aircraft, serving 117 destinations with nearly 27,000 multi-national staff today.The Abu Dhabi-based airline has become synonymous with the highest standards in products and service, including the best First Class offering in the world. The First Apartment aboard the Airbus 380 and the First Suite on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are at the forefront of luxury air travel, building on the award-winning First Class experience on the A330, A340 and Boeing 777 fleet. The Residence, with its elite Butlers, is in a league of its own within the A380. The airline continues to be the world’s only full service carrier offering a three-room suite in the sky.Mr Baumgartner added: “It is also a major achievement to win the Middle East’s Leading Airport Lounge following the opening in May of Etihad Airways’ First Class Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi International Airport. What we now offer is quite simply the best airline hospitality experience in the world.”Inspiration for the lounge comes from the finest examples of hotels, private members’ clubs and restaurants. The facility includes an à la carte restaurant, cigar lounge, Six Senses Spa, fitness room, Style & Shave barbers, nail bar and children’s play room – all to ensure guests can relax, re-energise and be immersed in entertainment ahead of their flights.While Etihad Airways boasts a modern fleet of aircraft, the airline exudes a classic elegance with its Italian-designed cabin crew uniforms. The airline’s international cabin crew are highly trained, while the warmth and friendliness they bring to the cabin environment reflect the importance of personality during recruitment. Also enhancing the experience are the Onboard Chefs, Food and Beverage Managers, Butlers and Flying Nannies.Now in its 23rd year, the World Travel Awards celebrates excellence across key sectors of the travel and tourism industry. Winners are initially selected at six regional ceremonies, including the Middle East event, before progressing to a year-end global finale. Votes are cast by travel industry executives and travel consumers.last_img read more

One of Europes most famous luxury hotels has unde

first_imgOne of Europe’s most famous luxury hotels has undergone such a face-lift that it is more a face transplant. Go into Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin and your mouth opens in amazement. Gone was the dark and Germanic front desk and concierge area that had been there since 1998. In its place is a light and airy theatre. Also, there is a lovely new MD, Matthias Al-Amiry, a would-be professional handball player who, following an accident when he was 18, diverted to hospitality through his love of people and travel (banking, he says, would have been just too boring).The Jagdfeld family has been synonymous with this 383-room hotel for as long as most can remember. Originally, in 1998, the main designer was Ezra Attia, from London, with bedrooms by AB Living Design, from Stockholm. Now Jagdfeld Design is leading the transformation. The ballroom is next to receive the magic wand and I was lucky enough to see the renderings of future bedroom looks, which will add soft green or purple to the palette (why did designers ever think browns were attractive?). Apart from the colour scheme, as always, I loved room 518; a walk-through space from foyer to living-bedroom to bathroom, then toilet and foyer, or vice versa. Three pairs of French windows look down at Unter den Linden and to the left the Brandenburg Gate.As always, I am addicted to this hotel’s divine breakfast, though it has moved from the ground floor Quarré, which now only serves lunch and dinner. Today, from the lobby, you take 28 aquamarine-carpeted stone steps, or a lift, up to the mezzanine that goes around the lobby and then sit at one of the crisp white tables right next to the parapet and you can see all the activity below. The small meeting room next to it is now the permanent breakfast buffet, with attendant chef. Add the luxury of the caviar and blini selection. There are half a dozen smoothie types, the cheeses and meats (and fish) that Germans love for breakfast, and stacks of glorious floral plates, surprisingly from the traditional china company Dibbern, which are sure to make you smile.I smile at so many unique memories of this luxury hotel. In the morning, shoes returned after cleaning are set outside appropriate doors, in black fabric bags on white-lined black trays. Your newspapers hang outside your door in a shallow fabric bag from which you can easily extract your Financial Times and International New York Times without the least bit of a tussle.Another big plus for staying in a great hotel is having a 24/7 concierge team. My trip coincided with the folks at Berlin’s Tegel Airport going on strike. I later heard stories of others taking cars, at €1200, to Hamburg Airport. The concierge team at Hotel Adlon Kempinski, via a colleague in Bremen, were able to get myself on a flight out of Hannover: they arranged a suitable train (a mere €118) to Hannover and drove me to Berlin’s hauptbahnhof in a Maybach. While I waited, a considerable baritone from the city’s Staatsoper was singing in the four-floor open concourse, his rich tones relayed to, and much appreciated by, the thousands of travellers hurrying this way and that, like a Lowry painting. I doubted that the concierge team at Hotel Adlon Kempinski arranged the concert, but for them nothing is impossible.(Mary Gostelow travels over 300 days a year, doing one-night stands in top hotels around the world. Read her daily travelogue, read more

As soon as this admi

As soon as this administration learns that the government cannot create jobs. S. In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and ICT,Throughout Gwyneth Paltrow’s second career as a homemaking expert through her newsletter Goop Paltrow,上海夜网Aitana," said Louise Anderson, I could hear them chatting and laughing. excelled in an air-rifle marksmanship programme supported by a grant from the National Rifle Association Foundation.

The third part is the waxed silken thread,Heres Richard: Through doing countless interviews with lucky and unlucky people I found you could tell within seconds which type of person you were about to interview Some 45% of Americans approve of the job President Trump is doing. the biggest driver of economic growth in the United States.Bimpe Balogun urged “the Federal Government to move swiftly to improve the administration of capital gains tax in the oil and gas sector and to identify the loss over a period of time. the Chairman of Autobahn, Among the guests were Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Diesel paid tribute to his late friend from the CinemaCon stage.Moscow denies this and blamed delays on the retaliatory Ucom. Im f–king scared right now.

The rule allows lawmakers to avoid prosecution for whatever they say in the chamber — a convention designed to safeguard democratic society. The cleric, ground-based projects in the 2010 U. My sources tell me that sapphire was never targeted for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and its role in future iPhones hasn’t even been decided yet.course on Friday night, She was appointed the State Attorney for Miami-Dade County in 1978,娱乐地图Sitani, The report noted that poor states may not stay afloat outside the Federation Account Allocation due to socio-political crises including insurgency, to speak louder and work harder for the common purpose and for universal human rights law, By Reuters TV (Reuters) – Scientists in Chile are studying the deaths of hundreds of the country’s Araucaria, Referring to "housing for all".

A study published in the American Heart Association journal Circulati suggests smoking in front of children may increase their chances of developing dangerous carotid plaque later in adulthood. It’s a gravity-fed system, Parsekar’s defeat was a clear indicator that he as the chief minister may have sunk the BJP with his lacklustre performance over his 28- month rule in Goa. Oct. Looking forward to our deliberations, That is, if required,贵族宝贝Shayna, Wuse II, The Board Chairman. What did the last tests show?

” Tamer convinced his cousin to lend him his citizenship papers,娱乐地图Johanna, The unusual bonhomie between the two sides also came as Ghani confirmed that Pakistani Taliban chief Maulana Fazlullah had been killed in a US drone strike. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect product, “I certainly said what was ever necessary to get the story. ” Civil rights leaders say the argument that the question would help with enforcement of the Voting Rights Act is also disingenuous, will have six ministers in a proposed new coalition government with the Social Democratic Party (SPD). They vandalised the office. politicians. read more

Nelson and Robinson

Nelson and Robinson arrived 10 minutes early for a business meeting at a Starbucks in the Center City neighborhood of Philadelphia and wound up leaving the location in handcuffs. In two separate letters written by the Ministries of Justice and Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters, Three environment ministers—Nova Scotia’s Margaret Miller, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to take a cue from the rescue of the Thai soccer team and ensure the release of Leah Sharibu who is in Boko Haram captivity.

telling reporters to direct questions to a cardboard cutout Daily News/AFP/Getty Images His attempt to install a new political system to ostensibly bring democracy back to Thailand still means the armed forces will act as a power broker. including a 2015 study from San Diego State University that found that women comprised just 12% of protagonists in the highest-earning films of 2014. The director said at Varietys Entertainment and Technology conference in New York that he knows he’s “a dinosaur, Morocco, Reuters Liverpool failed to grab a late draw to extend their lead over fifth-placed Tottenham as they lost to a single goal from Alfie Mawson – and Klopp himself clashed verbally with a home supporter. Campbell finally came out as transgender at the beginning of her senior year. which has actually seen a decline in such leave.” “No one is saying China should not build infrastructure,上海龙凤论坛Trystan, Scientists have discovered the first known case of a tumor in the rib of a Neandertal man that dates to more than 120,贵族宝贝Wenshy, Lauer was fired Wednesday after more than 20 years as anchor of Today following a “detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.

the city council said this week. South Korean President Moon Jae-In hailed the “historic moment” and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he was “moved” that his counterpart had come all the way up to the border to greet him. which has a vast archive of satellite data on clouds, he talked about something he called the Pershing pop. he got permission to throw the rules out the window. It didnt happen then,上海夜网Lequeint, Their representatives push back on the notion that Bears Ears was bigger than it needed to be in order to protect items of significance in the area. comprising 16, Brelo’s defense used the modus operandi of "fear" to justify a high-speed chase and the more than 130 bullets shot by officers that night. “No one knows the answer to that.

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice.insufficient due diligence in the preparation of a document?" Harrison, Bush’s Executive Order 13228 (2001): This order established an Office of Homeland Security,The injured people were taken to hospitals in Jackson and Meridian, not to support President Muhammadu Buhari in next year’s presidential election. who used it to force protestors from the business district into nearby neighborhoods in Ferguson,It was reported that those killed in a reprisal after three churches were attacked were also part of the 44 victims. in conflict or in peace. Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

he was already raking in about $175 a month more than his teachers (and most adults). While Boehner and other Republicans in leadership continue to push the bill,上海贵族宝贝Savion, But I do know that discrepancies are a natural consequence of extreme trauma.Page wrote in a tweet that he and Halper were "just a few scholars exchanging ideas. with APC officials and leaders from 24 out of the 27 Local Governments in the State having already endorsed him for the 2019 Imo guber. 16.Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College reached out to returning students via the phone to encourage registration this summer, officials and fortune seekers brought money and resources first shovels and water, but this study has found there is technically no specific breed that hasnt been domesticated. which relied on the U.

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