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No tsunami or damage expected after small earthquake off BC coast

first_imgHAIDA GWAII, B.C. – A small earthquake has been detected off of British Columbia’s coast.Earthquakes Canada says the 4.2-magnitude quake struck Saturday afternoon, 94 kilometres west of the village of Masset, B.C., in the Haida Gwaii archipelago.The agency says the rumbling was “lightly felt” in Masset and the Village of Queen Charlotte.There were no reports of damage and none were expected.The U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center says the earthquake is not expected to create a tsunami.Haida Gwaii has seen a number of historic quakes, including an 8.1-magnitude shake in 1949 that Earthquakes Canada says knocked cows off their feet and bounced cars around on the mainland.last_img read more

Free Birds And Adopt A Turkey Today

first_img“We want you to join our flock and adopt a turkey today!” say Reggie and Jake, the animated stars of the new movie “Free Birds” in theatres now.Free BirdsCredit/Copyright: Farm SanctuaryThese lovable characters, voiced by Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson, have teamed up with Farm Sanctuary, the largest farm animal rescue and protection organization in the United States, to serve as “spokesturkeys” for the group’s annual Adopt a Turkey Project.The Adopt a Turkey Project, which gives people the opportunity to sponsor one of the rescued birds who reside at the group’s shelters in New York and California, has provided care for more than 1,000 rescued turkeys over the last 25 years. For a one-time donation of just $30, adopters receive a special adoption certificate complete with color photo and fun details about their new adopted turkey friend.Turkeys are, in fact, intelligent and social animals, who form lifelong bonds and possess unique abilities to communicate with one another. Just as “Free Birds” brings to life the personalities of each of its animal characters, caretakers at Farm Sanctuary know that real-life turkeys possess distinct personalities and exhibit a joy for life. Among the adoptable turkeys are:Tulip, who lives at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter; she is sensitive and kind to her flockmates and loves grapes and cranberries, Minerva, an attention-loving turkey with a passion for sunflower seeds, who resides at the rescue group’s shelter near Los Angeles, andTibbott, an outgoing guy who resides at Farm Sanctuary’s Northern California Shelter; he loves to meet new people and snack on lettuce and grapes.“After more than 25 years of caring for rescued turkeys through our Adopt a Turkey Project, we’re delighted to team up with Reggie and Jake this Thanksgiving,” says Farm Sanctuary President and Co-founder Gene Baur. “We hope their amazing adventure will inspire even more people to adopt a turkey as part of their holiday tradition.”To learn more about the Adopt a Turkey Project, visit or call the Turkey Adoption Hotline at 1-888-SPONSOR.Farm Sanctuary operates three shelters in New York and California that provide lifelong care for nearly 1,000 rescued farm animals, works to change laws to decrease abuse of farm animals, and promotes compassionate vegan living.last_img read more

Aurora Cannabis more than ready with pot supply for legalization

first_imgTORONTO – Licensed marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis Inc. says it is “unequivocally” ready for the legalization of recreational pot in Canada next month, with enough supply to meet all its commitments to provinces and territories.Aurora’s chief corporate officer Cam Battley adds that the cannabis firm doesn’t foresee the need for supply agreements with other licensed producers to bridge inventory gaps.“We’ve got all of our product categories ready,” he told analysts on a conference call discussing its latest quarterly earnings on Tuesday.“So, we’re more than ready for consumer legalization. And more than that, our ramp-up in production is happening at exactly the right time. We’re not going to be dumping old, stockpiled, stale product on the market.”Aurora’s comments come as Canada prepares to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use on Oct. 17.Executives of the Edmonton-based cannabis company would not disclose the current size of its inventory in kilograms, but said it has been ramping up its production capacity.Aurora anticipates that by the end of 2018 it will be able to produce 150,000 kilograms per year.The company has eight licensed production facilities, compared with one fully licensed facility and two under construction one year ago, Battley said.Aurora has $88 million in proforma inventory and biological assets, including that of MedReleaf Corp., chief financial officer Glen Ibbott said. Aurora signed a $3.2-billion deal to acquire MedReleaf in May.Aurora’s latest quarterly earnings capped off a busy year with fourth-quarter revenues of $19.1 million, more than triple the $5.9 million in revenues it saw a year ago. For the full year, revenues increased to $55.2 million from $18.1 million in 2017.Net income attributable to shareholders for the quarter was nearly $80 million, up from a $4.82 million loss a year ago.The increase was primarily attributable to the unrealized non-cash gain on derivatives and marketable securities, which was partially offset by increased finance costs, share-based payments, acquisition and project evaluation costs.Analyzing the performance of a marijuana company is tough because of accounting rules used in the agriculture industry that require companies to put a value on their pot plants before they are harvested, and approaches differ between producers on how to apply these guidelines.Meanwhile, the company’s operating expenses soared as the marijuana producer prepared for the impending domestic adult-use market on Oct. 17 and expanded its reach outside of Canada.Aurora’s general and administration costs increased to $22.6 million in the fourth-quarter, compared with $9.8 million in the previous quarter and $2 million in the same period a year ago. Sales and marketing costs also rose to $14.8 million, compared with $3.6 million in the same quarter a year ago.The company said this increase was due to investments in its brand strategy including one-time activities in preparation for legalization, but also stemmed from the integration of Saskatoon-based licensed producer CanniMed, which Aurora acquired earlier this year.Aurora also reiterated its plans to list Aurora on a “senior, U.S. exchange,” subject to the appropriate approvals. This move, which the company had mentioned publicly earlier this year, comes after a wild ride for marijuana stocks in recent weeks.“This listing provides access to a broader investor audience,” Battley said.(Companies in this story: TSX:ACB)last_img read more

NEAT offices and thrift store will be moving under one roof

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The offices of the Northern Environmental Action Team, as well as its NEAT Finds Thrift Store, will be moving all under on roof at the end of the month.NEAT’s executive director Karen Mason-Bennett explained that the organization has decided to bring all of its operations to a single location since it is both larger than its current spaces and will put the NEAT Finds store in a more central location in the city.Mason-Bennett said that NEAT will be relocating to the former Maximum Fitness building on 95th Avenue, next to the new home of the North Peace Gymnastics Association. The plan is to have the thrift store located on the lower floor where the old weight pit used to be, while NEAT’s office space will be on the floor above.Mason-Bennett said that the organizations will also be building a classroom space inside its new home, which will allow NEAT to host its own programming instead of having to travel around the region.NEAT’s offices will be closed September 24th-28th to get everything packed and moved, while the NEAT Finds store will be closing on September 27th.Mason-Bennett said that the goal is to have everything reopened by the beginning of October.last_img read more

Top UN envoy in Iraq shocked by killing of scores of pilgrims

1 February 2010The top United Nations official in Iraq today expressed his shock and sadness at the suicide bombing targeting Shi’a pilgrims, reportedly killing over 40 people. Media reports say that more than 100 people were also injured in the attack which occurred as pilgrims travelled from Baghdad to Karbala to take part in the religious rite of Arba’en.Today’s bombing is “a horrific crime committed against defenseless journeying pilgrims practicing their faith,” said Ad Melkert, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative.Dozens of pilgrims travelling to Karbala were killed last February in a series of attacks, which Mr. Ban said “cannot be justified by any political or religious cause and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.”In a statement issued at the time, he said that he joined “with the people of Iraq in rejecting these cruel and reprehensible attempts to reignite sectarian violence in the country.” read more

UN tourism agency pledges continued support for India after deadly bombing

18 July 2011The head of the United Nations entity that promotes the development of responsible tourism has expressed shock at last week’s terrorist bomb attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai and pledged the agency’s full support to the South Asian country’s Government. The blasts at different parts of the city last Wednesday reportedly killed more than 20 people and injured at least 100 others.Taleb Rifai, the Secretary-General of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), said in a statement issued on Friday that the agency was “shocked to learn of the brutal bomb attacks” and sent condolences to the families of the victims and sympathies to those injured in the attack.“The Government and people of India can count on the full support of UNWTO in this difficult moment. India is deservedly one of the world’s leading and fastest growing tourism destinations, accounting for over half of all tourist arrivals to South Asia, and such attacks should not deter those travellers wishing to visit this amazing destination,” Mr. Rifai added. read more

US relaxes travel advise on Sri Lanka

The US State Department however said that terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets, shopping malls, government facilities, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, major sporting and cultural events, educational institutions, airports, hospitals, and other public areas. The United States has relaxed the travel advise on Sri Lanka issued after the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks.The US Embassy in Colombo said that the travel advisory level for has moved from 3 to 2. The US State Department lifted the ordered departure status of family members of U.S. government employees under the age of 18 as well as the authorized departure status of non-emergency U.S. government employees and family members. The US Government said it has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Sri Lanka due to the security environment. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Master Drilling takes up majority stake in Bergteamet

first_imgSouth Africa-headquartered Master Drilling, a world leader in specialised drilling solutions, today announced that it will exercise its call option to acquire 60% of the shares in Bergteamet Raiseboring Europe based in Scandinavia.On 17 November 2015 Master Drilling International (MDI), a subsidiary of Master Drilling, entered into an agreement with Bergteamet AB through which MDI acquired 8,000 ordinary shares in the share capital of Bergteamet.A shareholder’s agreement was entered into between MDI, Bergteamet and Bergteamet Raiseboring simultaneously and it is through this agreement that MDI now exercises the call option to acquire 12,000 ordinary shares in the share capital of Bergteamet, resulting in a 60% shareholding in Bergteamet.Danie Pretorius, CEO of Master Drilling, said: “This transaction provides a launchpad for the company to expand our operations in the European markets and further diversify our geographic exposure. There are many synergies between the two companies and this business compliments our focus to provide innovative tailored technology solutions to our clients.”Bergteamet is highly specialised in raiseboring and conducts operations all over the world. The majority of its raiseboring customers are within the mining sector, hydropower projects and other infrastructure project.Both companies have interesting options for hard rock tunnelling. Master Drilling recently launched its Mobile Tunnel Boring (MTB) solution which can bore out an excavation of 4.5 and/or 5.5 m in diameter at a rate that far exceeds conventional tunnel construction methods.Bergteamet last year acquired the Atlas Copco (Epiroc) Mobile Miner 55V originally built for Rio Tinto.last_img read more

PBS uses Minecraft to illustrate postscarcity economic theories

first_imgIf you hadn’t noticed, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has been making a strong move to modernize its content delivery network by funding several new “channels” that are available exclusively through YouTube. One such offering is the Idea Channel, a web series hosted by Mike Rugnetta and produced by Kornhaber Brown out of New York.The series takes a humorous yet informative look at various Internet memes and technological advancements, seeking to inform viewers of all ages by using popular culture. The latest video in the series is no exception as Rugnetta and his crew decided to raise some questions about post-scarcity economic theory by using the best discussion medium they could find. Namely, the ultra-popular game Minecraft from Mojang. We;ve included the episode above.At first glance using Minecraft to illustrate such a deep topic seems to be a bit simplistic, but after thinking about it for a while it’s actually quite brilliant. Avid Minecraft players know that the popular title has two modes of play: survival and creative. The game’s economy in survival mode is based entirely on the availability of certain items and building compounds to be able to create buildings and weapons. Once a resource is used in this mode, it’s used forever, which mirrors how it works in the real world. This is limiting of course, since the challenge of the game is to make do with what you have.In the creative form of the game, however, players can create items out of thin air at will, allowing them to express themselves in anyway they like. There have been amazing scale recreations of real-world locations inside the game, all created simply because some player out there had the time and desire to make it happen. This contrast between the two forms of gameplay is the core of the illustration that Rugnetta presents in the video.Of course, the question presented of whether or not Minecraft and Makerbot will help to usher in a post-scarcity economy, is one that can’t be answered by watching a short video or reading a brief article. But it certainly does provide excellent conversation fodder and food for thought, which was the goal of PBS in the first place.Right now the Idea Channel has fourteen different episodes, all of which I can recommend since they are highly entertaining and informative.Check out the episodes on the Idea Channel’s YouTube Pagelast_img read more

Twitch Now Sells PC Games and Streamers Get a Cut

first_imgStay on target Twitch Streams Porn on Ninja’s Old AccountTwitch Celebrates Prime Day With Live Shopping Show ‘Twitch Sells Out’ Update: this feature is now live.Twitch has announced that it will begin selling games and DLC via its website. Viewers will be able to purchase titles directly from under the videos of developers and studios. Games can also be bought from under the videos of partnered Twitch streamers, who will get a cut of the revenue.As you can see from the picture below, there will be a new button under videos where games can be purchased. Publishers and developers will receive 70% of the revenue, streamers will get 5%, and the rest, presumably, goes to Twitch. The revenue could be as high as 75% if a game is sold directly from a developer or publisher.Viewers who purchase games from Twitch will get a free Twitch Crate. These Crates include random items like emotes, chat badges and “Bits for Cheering.” Purchased games can be played through Twitch’s desktop app or from a developer’s own service (like UPlay).According to GamesIndustryBiz, Twitch has signed deals with Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Digital Extremes, Hi-Rez, tinyBuild, Paradox Interactive, Trion Worlds, Vlambeer, and others. Studios like EA, Activision, Blizzard, and Valve have not signed up at the moment. Twitch hopes to eventually get every game publisher that streams via Twitch on board.Two of the most notable studios missing from the list are Valve and Riot Games. Valve’s Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are consistently two of the most popular games on Twitch. Riot Games’ League of Legends is another massively popular title on Twitch. Activision and Blizzard are also big studios that aren’t a part of this deal at the moment.Right now, this service is only for PC games. Amazon — which is one of the biggest sellers of physical console games — purchased Twitch in 2014. Because of that, it is possible that users will one day be able to purchase games for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and (maybe) Nintendo Switch.Viewers can buy games from Twitch starting this spring. At that time, we’ll hopefully find out what titles will be sold through the popular streaming site.last_img read more

Paradise Entertainment moves into profit as 1H18 revenue grows 152

first_img Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August Macau-based Paradise Entertainment saw its revenue grow 15.2% to HK$563.9 million in the six months to 30 June 2018, pushing the company to a HK$26.3 million profit after suffering a loss of HK$35.3 million in the same period last year.Paradise said the improved results were mainly due to an increase in revenue from the provision of casino management services following an increase in GGR from the casinos under the group’s management as well as an increase in revenue from the sale of electronic gaming equipment and systems.The company manages two Macau casinos – Casino Kam Pek Paradise under license of SJM and Casino Waldo under license of Galaxy – and is also the developer and distributer of Live Multi-Game (LMG) systems Macau-wide.Adjusted EBITDA from the casinos under its management increased 175.4% to HK$78.5 million in 1H18 due to increased GGR, while Adjusted EBITDA from the electronic gaming equipment and systems segment was a loss of HK$4.4 million, representing a decrease of 59.6% from the loss of HK$10.9 million the segment booked in 1H17.The sale of electronic gaming equipment and systems contributed Adjusted EBITDA of HK$22.0 million, up from HK$2.8 million.Paradise increased the number of LMG terminals at Kam Pek Paradise from 946 to 1,000 in the six months to 30 June 2018 and at Casino Waldo from 306 to 416. However, the improvement in casino operations came entirely from Kam Pek Paradise where gross gaming revenue increased 17.0% to HK$687.5 million. Casino Waldo decreased 4.8% to HK$237.0 million.Paradise revealed earlier this year that it had already deployed 364 new LMG terminals in just three months through March, almost five times more than the total deployed in all of 2017. That figure included 217 terminals at MGM Cotai’s X-Stadium in February.In its results announcement released overnight, Paradise said it was confident that it would maintain its recent momentum due to the development of new technologies and the recent introduction by the Macau government of new Technical Standards governing ETGs.“The publication of the Technical Standards has accelerated the upgrading and replacement cycles of all the deployed DETG machines of the group in Macau,” the company said. “Being the inventor, patent-owner and sole-supplier of DETG machines, the group is technically competent and well-positioned to provide ready-made services to offer supports to casinos currently equipped with DETG machines and assist them in meeting the requirements of the Technical Standards.“The group strives to strengthen its leading position through technological innovation. In addition to LMG, the group’s flagship product, the group has also been investing in developing other high-tech electronic gaming products. During the six months ended 30 June 2018, the group has launched some of its newly developed gaming products to the market including X-Stadium Live, Intelligent Card Shoes and Quick Foreign Exchange machines in casinos in Macau and the US.“The group will continue to introduce new gaming products such as slot machines and automatic baccarat to the market in near future. The launch of new products is expected to add long-term sustainable growth impetus to the group.” Load More RelatedPostscenter_img Big trouble in little China Macau GGR tumbles 8.6% in Augustlast_img read more

For Californias redwoods climate change isnt all bad

first_img Redwoods, birds and microphones: The quest to save an endangered species Saving California’s redwoods, one tree at a time This story is part of Road Trip 2019, profiles of the troublemakers and trailblazers who are designing our future. Share your voice With record-breaking summer temperatures in Alaska, melting sea ice in Greenland and animal species going extinct, the effects of a changing climate are grim. But for one of the oldest and largest living things on Earth, a warmer world isn’t completely terrible, at least for the time being. California’s coast redwood trees are now growing faster than they ever have, according to an ongoing study from Redwoods Climate Change Initiative, producing a tremendous amount of wood in the process. Sam Hodder, president and CEO of the Save the Redwoods League, a San Francisco nonprofit that sponsored the study with Humboldt State University, says it was a surprising finding for the magnificent trees, which can reach as high as 380 feet (the height of a 35-story building) and live for 2,000 years. California’s coast redwood trees are growing faster in warmer temperatures. James Martin/CNET Road Trip 2019 “What we’ve learned is that contrary to what we expected, the redwood forest is healthier and growing faster today than ever before,” he says. “Redwood forest turns out to be not just one of the few winners in the climate change world but in fact is a critical resource in the fight against climate change.” 5:05center_img The good and the badThough the study didn’t conclusively link climate change to the redwood growth spurt, it suggested a relatively simple theory. As temperatures and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have increased, the fog that typically shrouds the northern California coast has decreased. Fewer foggy days mean more sunlight hitting the redwoods, which creates more photosynthesis in the tree, leading to the rapid growth, even through drought.Larger trees also can sequester more carbon dioxide, a useful task when there’s more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. “As of 2019, we find no evidence of redwoods retreating from native forests as the climate changes,” says a report from the study, published this year. “These iconic trees are growing at faster-than-expected rates … playing an outsized role in global climate mitigation despite their limited geographic distribution.”After loggers wiped out 95% of old-growth redwoods in the late 19th century, the trees now exist in only a few isolated pockets on the northern California coast, leaving them extraordinarily vulnerable to a range of threats, including illegal logging, invasive plant and animal species, and marijuana cultivation. And while climate change hasn’t produced catastrophic effects so far, higher temperatures and a denser forest spell other dangers.”With wildfire frequency predicted to increase with climate change and significant fuels accumulation in the forest today, the ecosystem is vulnerable to severe fire damage,” said a 2018 report from the League on the state of redwood conservation (though the thick, fibrous bark of redwoods resists fire, other vegetation can burn). “Many specific consequences of climate change on coast redwood biology and ecology remain unknown.” Increased fire is also a threat for another celebrated redwood species, the giant sequoia, which lives across California on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Reduced Sierra snowpack from warmer temperatures could also deprive the immense trees of water.harold-richardson-redwoods-reserve1145A denser redwood forest with more vegetation will be more susceptible to fire as the climate changes. James Martin/CNET Speaking for the treesAs the RCCI study continues, the League will monitor 7,000 trees across 44 acres. Last year, it took a huge step toward study and conservation when it spent $9.6 million to purchase a 730-acre coast redwood grove in Sonoma County that has largely been untouched since the early 20th century.Hodder said the abundance of towering ancient trees in the Harold Richardson Redwood Reserve — the oldest is 1,640 years old and 239 feet tall — makes it a perfect place to continue observing how the trees are responding to a changing climate. “Old redwoods don’t stop growing. In fact, the older and bigger the tree, the more they grow. We found one tree that puts on 2,000 pounds of wood in a single year in just one tree. That’s extraordinary.”Another prime location is Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in Del Norte County near the Oregon border. Hodder calls it the largest carbon sink in the world, with the most leaf surface area per acre of anyplace in the world. “What’s amazing about the coast redwood forest is how resilient they are,” he said. “Even though we’ve cut down 95% of the original redwood forest, the trees are still sprouting back from the very same root system.”Over the next two years, the League will track redwood growth rates in 20 new forests covering young and old trees, both on the coast and inland, and at a variety of elevations. The goal, Hodder says, is to understand how much humans depend on the trees. “There’s a chance for restoration, and opportunity for changing the story of the redwoods from anxiety about the loss of the habitat to optimism that we can heal the ecosystem together.” Now playing: Watch this: More on the redwoods Post a comment Tags 0 Sci-Techlast_img read more

Ballot Measure 1

first_imgTrans-Alaska Pipeline System. (Photo from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources)It’s a serious matter for the voters to overturn an action by the state Legislature, but that’s what’s on the Aug. 19 ballot. Should favorable tax terms for the oil and gas industry be given a chance to work toward raising production or should the Legislature be told it gave too much away, at the expense of future revenues?Download AudioBallot Measure 1HOST: Steve Heimel, Alaska Public Radio NetworkGUESTS:Brad Keithley, Keithley ConsultingMark Myers, former Director, Alaska Oil and Gas DivisionCallers StatewidePARTICIPATE:Post your comment before, during or after the live broadcast (comments may be read on air).Send e-mail to talk [at] alaskapublic [dot] org (comments may be read on air)Call 550-8422 in Anchorage or 1-800-478-8255 if you’re outside Anchorage during the live broadcastLIVE Broadcast: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. on APRN stations statewide.SUBSCRIBE: Get Talk of Alaska updates automatically by e-mail, RSS or podcast.TALK OF ALASKA ARCHIVElast_img read more

Work Begins for DC Male Commission

first_img(Stock Photo)The commission charged with assisting males in Washington, D.C., to become more productive citizens has started deliberations, and the public is encouraged to participate. The first meeting of the Commission on Fathers, Men and Boys convened Feb. 17 at the R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center in Ward 8. The meeting’s objective was to organize, update commissioners on programs and initiatives and adopt a meeting schedule. The commission was established in 2014 by the Council of the District of Columbia to address fatherlessness, disparities in educational and economic opportunity, health and well-being, and public safety issues that adversely impact fathers, men, and boys in the District. The 12-member body, consisting of professionals from various fields, will explore ways to assist males to be all that they can be.“We will focus on males in underserved and overlooked communities,” said Tony Dugger, executive director of the commission. “We will focus on studying and solving the problems of employment, poverty, and fatherlessness of males in the city.”While the commission’s scope covers all males that live in the District, its primary focus will be young males of color. Dugger quoted national statistics showing that while 6 percent of America consists of Black men, 43 percent of the country’s murder victims are Black males and 37 percent of all inmates in state and federal prisons are Black.He also said that two-thirds of Black men live in a home with only one parent and Black men are six times more likely to go to prison than White males for the same or similar crimes. Dugger said that while those statistics are national, they accurately reflect the dilemma of Black males in the District.The D.C. commission is a product of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which he launched in February 2014 with the charge of improving the education of young males of color and helping them avoid the criminal justice system. The leadership of the commission, appointed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) and approved by the D.C. council, are Chairman George Garrow and Vice Chairman Ed Davies. The members are retired D.C. Superior Court Judge Arthur Burnett; entrepreneur Brett O. Greene; Dr. Ivory Toldson, executive director of the White House Initiative on Blacks Colleges and Universities; Dr. Elsie Scott, founding director of the Ronald W. Walters Leadership and Public Policy Center at Howard University; Frank Malone, a community activist on issues relating to males in the District; and Tristan Wilkerson, a former aide to D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) who helped Norton organize the Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys.Commissioners awaiting confirmation are Silas Grant, a former chairman of the Ward 5 Democrats who owns a  leadership boot camp for young men ages 13-21; Don Smith, the founder and principal owner of the Hard Light Consulting Group; and Jelani Murrain, an expert in regulatory law and health issues.Dugger said this year the commission will focus on researching and writing a comprehensive statistical report on males in all of the city’s wards, supporting the Empowering Males of Color initiative, reviewing District government operations on how males are being served, and setting up a Fathers First program.“The Fathers First program will include a fatherhood training component, co-parenting courses, and looking at how behavioral health effects parenting,” Dugger said.The commission will operate under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity.“The terrible incidents of police brutality can happen to our sons, brothers, and fathers,” Deputy Mayor Courtney Snowden said. “But we don’t want to focus on just that. We want to amplify major stories of success and encourage pathways to the middle class.”last_img read more

Curtain comes down on IITF 2017

first_imgAs the India International Trade Fair 2017 came to an end on Monday, team ITPO received all the appreciation it deserved by C R Chaudhary, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The minister said that it was a challenging task to hold the mega institutionalized event such as IITF just in half the space of the exhibition complex while retaining its original format with a controlled and regulated visitors movement. He expressed his happiness over the success of the theme “Startup India, Standup India” this year as it is imperative for young entrepreneurs and employment generation. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfPresent on the occasion were L C Goyal, Chairman and Managing Director, ITPO, Deepak Kumar, Executive Director, ITPO, J Gunasekaran, General Manager, ITPO, participants from India and overseas.L C Goyal also commended ITPO as well as all supporting agencies for putting their best foot forward on logistics, cleanliness, business generation, enhanced participation, security, access control measures and visitorship. Referring to the vision of the Prime Minister that India needs ‘job creators rather than job seekers’, he announced that ‘Enterprises from Rural Areas’ would be the theme for the next edition of IITF 2018. “It will encourage new age entrepreneurs and artisans in rural and semi-urban three and four tier cities,” Goyal said. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveWhile expressing his satisfaction over the safety and security management by the Delhi Police, Traffic and Civil Defense in the fair, he indicated that there was a 70 percent reduction in the crime rate with not a single eve-teasing incident in the fair and Delhi Police deserves a standing ovation for the same. He hoped that IITF 2019 would be the largest ever as it would be organized in the world-class Exhibition–cum-Convention Complex at Pragati Maidan. C R Choudhary presented the awards in different categories. While Assam won the gold medal, the silver medal was presented to Kerala and the bronze medal to Lakshadweep in the States and Union Territories category. Special appreciation certificates were also presented to Punjab and Maharashtra.In the Foreign Pavilions, Tillo Hediyelik Esya, Turkey conferred the gold medal and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and Ministry of Commerce, Afghanistan won the silver. Bronze was taken away by Curio Tour Travel Co. Ltd., Thailand Special Appreciation Certificate was presented to Asian Lucky Industrial Limited, Hong Kong. In the Ministries and Department category, the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation bagged the gold medal. Ministry of Power and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare received the Silver Medals. While Special appreciation certificates were received by the Ministry of Earth Sciences and Ministry of Steel. The Department of Post, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited and the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) received the Gold, Silver and the Bronze Medal respectively in Public Sector Undertakings, EPCs, Commodity Boards, Banks & other Govt. Departments/Organizations Category. Special Appreciation Certificate received the National Mission for Clean Ganga. In the Private Sector, M/s Shree Shyam Tilpatti Udyog won the Gold Medal, Orkus received the Silver Medal and IFB Industries Limited bagged the Bronze Medal. Calix Herbal received the Special Appreciation Certificate. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam ‘Partner Country’, Kyrgyz Republic ‘Focus Country’ and Jharkhand ‘Partner States’ were also honoured. In his welcome address, Deepak Kumar, Executive Director, ITPO highlighted new initiatives taken by ITPO for the convenience of participants and visitors in the fair. (PICS: Naveen Sharma)last_img read more

New clashes in blockaded area of Damascus halt aid

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober A U.N. spokesman in Damascus, Chris Gunness, urged all parties to “immediately allow” the resumption of aid to the area, where malnutrition is rife.The U.N. “remains deeply concerned about the desperate humanitarian situation in Yarmouk, and the fact that increasing tensions and resort to armed force have disrupted its efforts to alleviate the desperate plight of civilians,” Gunness said Monday.Activists estimate that over 100 people have died of hunger or hunger-related illnesses since a blockade began nearly a year ago, preventing food and medical aid from entering Yarmouk.The halt in the food distribution in Yarmouk also underscores problems that bedevil a Feb. 22 U.N. Security Council resolution that called on warring parties to facilitate food and aid deliveries to Syrians in need.The latest clashes also sparked concerns for future aid deliveries.“It will be like it was before. We are back to zero,” said a Yarmouk-based activist who uses the name Abu Akram.The truce, which took months to negotiate, collapsed after rebel gunmen returned to Yarmouk on Sunday. They had withdrawn from the area about a month ago as part of the truce, replaced by a patrol of Palestinian gunmen, keeping out both rebels and fighters loyal to President Bashar Assad. 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk In total, the U.N. has distributed 7,708 food parcels to Yarmouk’s 18,000 registered Palestinian refugees. Activists say there are thousands more displaced Syrians also living in the district and suffering from malnutrition and food shortages.___Hadid reported from Beirut.(Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)center_img The rebels accused pro-Assad fighters of violating the truce, said Abu Akram. An activist group, “Palestinians of Syria” voiced similar accusations.On Saturday, the rebels said Assad loyalists were sneaking weapons into Yarmouk under the guise of the joint patrols, delaying food distribution and arresting young men waiting for U.N. food parcels.A day later, the rebels returned and clashes broke out between fighters of the Free Syrian Army, a Syrian al-Qaida affiliate, the Nusra Front, and other groups, and soldiers and gunmen of Assad-loyal Palestinian groups on the other, Abu Akram said.The clashes _ a mix of gun battles, sniper fire and mortar shells _ killed an ambulance driver, he added.“Reconciliation efforts have, in my opinion, reached a deadlock,” said Anwar Raja, the spokesman for the pro-Assad Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command.Assad-loyal forces initially began blockading the camp to force out rebel gunmen.Since the uprising began three years ago against Assad’s rule, blockades have played a key role in government efforts to crush rebels in their enclaves and strongholds.The U.N. began distributing food to Yarmouk on Jan. 18 after warring parties agreed to a truce. The distribution was hindered by sporadic clashes, including on Feb. 7 and 8, said Gunness. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – Food deliveries to thousands of people living in a blockaded area in southern Damascus ground to a halt after a truce collapsed and clashes broke out between Syrian rebels and forces loyal to the government, a U.N. official and activists said on Monday.The clashes, which erupted out on Sunday afternoon and lasted until Monday morning, were the most serious violence in weeks in the Palestinian-dominated district of Yarmouk and seriously undermined a tentative truce struck there in early January. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

N Korea sentences 2 South Koreans to life on spying charges

first_img Men’s health affects baby’s health too 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea’s Supreme Court on Tuesday sentenced two South Koreans to life in prison with labor after finding them guilty of spying for Seoul.Kim Kuk-gi and Choe Chun-gil were convicted of state subversion and, under North Korean law, their sentences are final and cannot be appealed.North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said prosecutors had sought the death penalty. State media earlier said the two were detained last year for allegedly collecting confidential state information and attempting to spread a “bourgeois lifestyle and culture” in the North at the order of South Korea’s spy agency and the U.S. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility North Korea dismisses any outside criticism of its human rights record as a U.S.-led campaign to overthrow its government.The U.N. office’s opening is likely to worsen already-tense relations between the two Koreas with Pyongyang expected to ratchet up harsh rhetoric against Seoul, said Lim Eul Chul, a North Korea expert at South Korea’s Kyungnam University. He said things will get worse if North Korea believes that South Korea is providing the U.N. office with information on North Korean human rights and arranging interviews with high-profile defectors.The two Koreas have been divided along the world’s most heavily fortified border since the 1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty.___Associated Press writer Hyung-jin Kim in Seoul contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Analysts saw the sentences as retaliation against South Korea for the opening Tuesday of a U.N. office in Seoul tasked with monitoring human rights in North Korea. The North has repeatedly called the office a grave provocation.South Korea’s Unification Ministry expressed regret over the verdicts and urged North Korea to immediately release the men. South Korean officials have denied that the two men were involved in espionage.Analysts say past detentions of South Koreans and Americans on spying charges were attempts by the impoverished North to wrest outside concessions. But Tuesday’s sentences may have been connected to the opening in Seoul of the U.N. office.“North Korea thinks South Korea is applying pressure on Pyongyang with the U.N. office so it’s responding by (sentencing) these South Korean nationals,” said analyst Cheong Seong-chang at the private Sejong Institute think tank in South Korea.South Korean officials said Monday that North Korea cited the new U.N. human rights office last week when it announced a decision to boycott next month’s University Games in South Korea.The U.N. office, the first of its kind, was proposed in a ground-breaking U.N. commission of inquiry report last year on North Korea’s rights record.last_img read more

New Zealand witnesses an increase of 53 international visitor arrivals

first_imgThere was an increase of 5.3% in the year ending May 2018 for international visitor arrivals in New Zealand. The number of holiday arrivals increased by 6.5%. Off-peak season too witnessed about 5.6% increase on the previous year and regional spend increased to 14.1%.These increase in the number of tourist arrivals are as a result of Tourism New Zealand’s campaigns on social media as well as in China.Stephen England Hall, Chief Executive, Tourism New Zealand said, “The regions are increasingly benefitting from the rise in international visitors with spend growth in the regions surpassing that of the gateways. Over the past 12 months, international visitors have injected USD 497 million into the regions. International visitors choosing New Zealand as a destination makes Aotearoa a better place for Kiwis. Beyond the significant economic benefits, it also grows employment, business opportunities and is the backbone of many communities.”#GetNZontheMap campaign and the Chef Nic campaign in China were the major contributors to this steady growth of international visitor arrivals to New Zealand.last_img read more

Related SkyEurope leads LCCs on eticketing transi

first_img RelatedSkyEurope leads LCCs on e-ticketing transitionSkyEurope Airlines has become the first low cost carrier (LCC) to meet international aviation requirements.Abacus partners Indian airlineAsia’s largest global distribution system has announced it will be partnering with Indian low cost airline.Singapore joins low cost terminal trendPlans are in place for a huge expansion project to bolster the budget airline terminal at a leading Asian travel hub. Low cost airlines and more established ‘legacy carriers’ are catering to different markets – and both should be accommodated by GDS systems, it has been claimed.GDS specialist Travelport told that the Asian market was experiencing a low cost carrier (LCC) travel boom, but insisted that legacy carriers are also innovating.Simon Nowroz, Travelport managing director for Asia, said: “In Asia we have seen new low cost terminals and airports in cities like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur built to cater for the ever growing number of low cost carriers.”The recent construction of the dedicated Singapore Airport Budget Terminal marked an encroachment of low cost airlines on the traditional territory of legacy carriers, but the more established airlines were claimed by Mr Nowroz to be taking on their low budget rivals with newly competitive pricing, as well as flight route expansions and investment in new aircraft.”Legacy carriers are not standing still and cannot be underestimated,” he added, suggesting that a strong market remained for both – and could be best exploited by adapting GDS products to new LCC involvement.Galileo Low Cost Air in the Pacific was cited as a means of capturing web fares outside the GDS and comparing them with GDS fares within a single display, while the group has also acquired GDS Worldspan and combined it with Galileo to create Travelport GDS, providing wider resources and supplier relationships.Travelport rival Sabre last year claimed that the most important market in Asian aviation was not LCCs but value focused carriers (VFCs), identifying a hybrid of traditional airlines and budget carriers that corresponded to the nature of the Asian travel market.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Related Worlds top 10 most romantic destinationsF

first_img RelatedWorld’s top 10 most romantic destinationsFrom Lover to Kissing, get in the mood for love with these 10 most romantically-named places in the world.Valentine’s Day is dead: the world’s most unromantic destinationsNo date this Valentine’s Day? Celebrate being free and single by visiting some of the least romantic destinations in the world, where you’ll realise loving yourself is just as important as a tacky card and a heart-shaped box of chocolates.Travelling Solo? Ask Skyscanner!Travelling Solo? Ask Skyscanner! Dear Skyscanner,As a recently single woman, I’m not particularly looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Where can I go to escape the love fest – or perhaps even find a little love for myself?Celine, DublinDear Celine,Whether you’re single and looking for love, or whether you just want to get away from all those loved-up love birds, try one of these destinations.New YorkIf you want to meet someone, New York has one of the most lively dating scenes in the world, where you can strike up conversation with a stranger in a bar and not be branded a weirdo. If, on the other hand, you just want to have fun, it’s a great place to hang out too.Places to avoid over Valentines? Central Park will almost certainly be invaded by smooching couples, and so too will the classic photo opportunity stops like the Empire State Building and top of the Rockefeller Centre. Instead do what the locals do – head to the Meatpacking District where there’s bound to be less take up of commercialised slush.The High Line may attract the odd fashionable couple strolling hand-in-hand, but the former elevated rail track is worth a visit for a brief and beautiful view of one of the city’s most fashionable districts. Below it, there’s plenty to discover. Wander around Chelsea Market at 75 9th Avenue and stock up on nibbles and cookware, or just take a pew and have a coffee at Ninth Street Espresso. If shopping is more your thing, there are countless edgy boutiques and independent stores in the Meatpacking District. Try Ten Thousand Things for jewellery and trinkets, Scoop for clothes, or the Earnest Sew Company for denim.The restaurant options are countless – Pastis is a favourite French bistro among New Yorkers for brunch, including oatmeal, eggs with ‘homefries’ and French toast. Or there’s Fusion south-east Asian cuisine at Fatty Crab, where the crab dishes make far too much mess to be considered a romantic meal choice. New York evenings should always end, or start with cocktails, and in this part of town the Living Room, the bar of the Standard hotel, which straddles the High Line, serves some dreamy concoctions alongside a live DJ soundtrack.Avoiding couples in New York’s hotels is no easy task over Valentines, but the shared bathrooms in some of the rooms at The Jane should put them off. Don’t let it put you off though – this fashionable, budget hotel is done out in the style of retro railways carriages, has the superb Cafe Gitane for breakfast and costs from £70 a night. Find flights to New York StockholmYou can rest assured that Stockholm is well off the romantic cities radar thanks to the cold weather at this time of year, which leaves you to explore this beautiful city and its beautiful people with mates, or even on your own.Warning – it will more than likely be below zero, but if you go prepared and wrap up warm, there’s plenty to enjoy. Start indoors with the Bonniers Konsthall art gallery, a striking glass building on Torsgatan with lots of thought-provoking modern exhibits. Be sure to pop into the new cafe, Spetsen, which compliments the art with a modern take on Swedish food.The hip area of Sodermalm should be relatively tourist-free, and has a cracking cafe culture. Warm up over coffee and cake at Cafe String, famous for its furniture (which is all for sale if something takes your fancy). It hosts regular gigs, theatre and poetry nights. If you’re a fan of vintage, head to Beyond Retro on Åsögatan, for its cool clothes and live music on Sunday afternoons.For lunch and dinner, head over to Östermalm for a huge choice of restaurants. The food hall is great fun for lunch and you can taste local food like cloudberries without having to commit to an expensive plate of one thing in a restaurant. There are plenty of cafes nearby if you need a hot drink stop. If it’s early, Cafe Foam on Karlavägen is highly regarded for its breakfast and brunch.For the evening try East on Stureplan for its fusion Asian cuisine and sleek interior. The couple-magnets are likely to be Sturehof, a restaurant on Sturegallerian that’s known for oysters, the food of love, and Och Himlen Därtill on Skatteskrapan, a restaurant with stratospheric views and cherubs on the wall.One of the most fashionable new hotels in Stockholm is Hotel Skeppsholmen (, a 17th century building on the island of the same name. Next door is the Moderna Museet, National Museum and Opera House. It is a beautiful hotel and for that reason may attract some love birds, but it’s worth suffering their smooching.Much of the original features remain and the breakfast is legendary, as is the “fika”, a traditional snack of coffee, lemonade and a choice of cakes and cookies. Furthermore, the restaurant encourages “social dining”, where hotel guests mix with locals, which should add a bit of ambience. Rooms cost from around £170 a night. Find flights to Stockholm. SevilleIf those two cities are a little chilly for your fingers and toes, perhaps Seville would suit you better, where it could get up to the high teens in degrees C at this time of year.The city’s most popular site, Alcazar, has to be seen to be believed, a collection of lavish royal palaces built at various stages in Andalusia’s history. Make time for a quick stop at the Baths of Lady María de Padilla beneath the Patio del Crucero, reminiscent of Istanbul’s Basilica for its dramatic lighting and the echoey quality of these former water reservoirs.Seville’s cathedral in Plaza Virgen de los Reyes is worth a visit for its intricate Gothic features and the curious remains of the building’s former life as a mosque – a minaret and courtyard planted with orange trees. It’s the third largest cathedral in the world after St Peter’s in Rome and London’s St Paul’s.Also wander the Moorish quarter, Santa Cruz, next to Alcázar, for its narrow streets, suggestive balconies and the cafes of Los Venerables. If you’re in town on a Thursday, head to the flea market on Calle Feria in the afternoon to rifle through the bargain antiques and flamenco memorabilia.Dining is Seville is great fun, loud and lively, with diners picking at small tapas dishes until late into the evening. Taberna Colniales on Plaza del Cristo de Burgos is an affordable and modern tapas bar – a far cry from quiet romantic haunts. Another good spot is Bar Eslava on Calle Eslava, which is busy at 9pm (which is early for Seville) and serves great tapas, including the popular honey-coated ribs. Avoid Casa Robles in Barrio Santa Cruz, one of the city’s most famous restaurants, but always popular with couples and a touch over-priced.One of the city’s most charming places to stay is Casa No 7, a six-bedroomed guesthouse close to the Santa Cruz district. It is elegant, with antique furnishings, white linen and a pretty central courtyard. Rooms cost from £150 a night including a hearty and delicious breakfast. Find flights to Seville.Answer by Ginny Light – TimesOnline travel editorGot a travel question? Email and we’ll get our panel of travel experts to answer your question.Read more: Ask SkyscannerReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more